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What should I expect from the school?

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hillyhilly Wed 03-Nov-10 16:29:29

My DD is in Y1 and was identified around Easter as G&T in reading (and to a lesser degree, writing), she is now a free reader in school and reads and writes prolifically at home.
The school do apparently put her in a group with Y2 for letters and sounds and she is enjoying school and not getting bored.

I have been invited to a workshop for the parents of G&T children and invited to contribute 3 ideas as to what we want to get from the workshop. I may be unfair but to me that sounds as if they want us to be giving them ideas as to how to help our children.
What good things do your DCs schools do to help/ support them?

I am a little concerned that they do not stretch her but am also not keen for her to be marked out as "cleverer" as she would very quickly pick up on that and go around telling everyone which wouldn't endear her to many I don't think.

Greeninkmama Sun 05-Dec-10 19:45:49

My school does nothing for my G&T DD6 as far as I know. A friend's DD10 got invited to various workshops during school holidays - the mum had to push the Senco to tell her about them and give her the forms etc. The Senco says there is nothing for my DD's age group - and there's never been any discussion with the school about her being G&T either (I only found out she was on the register when I asked - she had been on it for a year). That said, they do seem good about stretching her, and her natural curiosity and interest in learning seems to be keeping her stimulated. She is also the youngest in the year, which helps.

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