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Red urine - dehydration?

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Lookingforadvice123 Tue 15-Apr-14 17:13:39

Hi all, I'm really worried about my husband and I'm hoping someone might be able to put my mind at rest as the first doctor appointment he could get is two weeks' time!

So my husband is 30, he has been doing the insanity workout at home for the past month, he is otherwise a gym goer and is fit. Yesterday he did his workout, went to use the loo before showering, and his wee was a really odd colour - it looked quite red in the toilet bowl, but when a tissue was dipped in it (sorry tmi!) it looked clear on the tissue, just like normal wee. He was really worried, we dipped a glass in the toilet bowl to have a closer look at it, there was definitely no 'streaks' of blood in it but it was such a weird colour, v deep amber/red tinge. He was really dehydrated yesterday, only had two glasses of water earlier on in the day, had drunk loads of coffee and hadn't been to the toilet for about 4 hours, which for him is really unusual as he usually ewes quite a lot, then did his workout which is high intensity. He drank loads of water after this happened, his next wee was the same weird colour but after that it went back to normal and has been since, he's been keeping up drinking plenty of water. He was definitely dehydrated yesterday, as he felt quite ill in the evening and was sick from having to have drunk so much water in a short space of time.

So does the weird colour wee sound like it could be purely related to the workout/dehydration? He doesn't have any other symptoms eg uti like symptoms, and his wee has been normal since he rehydrated. Typical me though I was calm(ish) when it happened as I could see he was freaking out, but since I have been over thinking it and worried something's wrong.

InSpaceNooneCanHearYouScream Tue 15-Apr-14 17:28:53

The best bet would be to drop a sample of urine into the doctors tomorrow, early morning wee would be best, and he should stop drinking an artificially high amount of water! He should drink normally.

MrsCakesPremonition Tue 15-Apr-14 17:29:44

Has he been eating lots of beetroot?

insanityscatching Tue 15-Apr-14 17:30:49

Has he eaten beetroot? Even a small amount can turn urine red.

itiswhatitiswhatitis Tue 15-Apr-14 17:31:49

Doesn't sound like dehydration usually that makes your pee very dark and quite smelly.

Could be a urine infection. I would definitely get him to take a sample to the dr's

ParkingFred Tue 15-Apr-14 17:36:28

Assuming he hadn't been eating beetroot, it sounds like 'jogger's haematuria'.

I think the dehydration was probably a factor which coupled with hard exercise could have caused trauma to the bladder or breakdown of the red blood cells.

I think I would get a telephone consultation with the gp, who may want to investigate.

My dh had this after playing squash - he ignored it, but eventually discovered it was kidney stones!

InSpaceNooneCanHearYouScream Tue 15-Apr-14 17:37:39

I second jogger's haematuria!

Hazelnut55 Tue 15-Apr-14 17:39:11

Have a look in the whites of his eyes to see if they are yellow. Dark urine can be symptom of jaundice.

Lookingforadvice123 Tue 15-Apr-14 17:45:49

No the whites of his eyes, and his skin, are just a normal colour. I'll try and speak to the doc to see if he can drop a sample in tomorrow as he's still in work! Would it matter that it's not a sample of the weird coloured wee though?

He's only drinking the recommended 2 litres of water a day today, he just doesn't drink enough normally.

So you don't think it's anything dangerous? I'm trying to convince myself that if it was, his wee wouldn't have gone back to normal once he'd rehydrated...

InSpaceNooneCanHearYouScream Tue 15-Apr-14 18:00:13

No it doesn't matter that the sample isn't weird colour. And there is every chance this is something totally harmless, so don't panic. Just get it checked out. smile

MimsyBorogroves Tue 15-Apr-14 18:32:00

Could also be kidney stones. Looked like I was weeing cranberry juice when mine started.

ENormaSnob Tue 15-Apr-14 18:36:40

Is he on any medication?

Elibean Tue 15-Apr-14 18:36:42

Probably jogger's thingy, as mentioned, but definitely get checked out - even one-off episodes of haematuria should be checked.

Liver disease/hepatitis can make your urine dark, but not red (I've had this, its more brownish). Red is either beetroot or blood, which I've also had - in my case it turned out to be a teeny polyp in the urethra that bled a bit. Nothing serious.

Odds are very good that its nothing serious for your dh either, but definitely get it checked!

Lookingforadvice123 Tue 15-Apr-14 18:49:35

Thank you everyone luckily the surgery have said it's fine so I'll drop a sample in tomorrow morning. Can they diagnose either kidney stones or joggers haemeturia from a sample, do you know?

apermanentheadache Tue 15-Apr-14 20:29:10

Does he take berocca or any other dispersible vitamin supplement?

Lookingforadvice123 Wed 16-Apr-14 18:55:47

So my husband didn't exercise yesterday, and all day yesterday and today until this evening his wee has been totally normal. He then did Insanity, his first wee was normal but he then went again before showering and there was definitely a milks clue amount of blood in it - it was nowhere near the colour it was on Monday but a bit wiped off the seat showed it must have been a tiny bit of blood.

I'm freaking out! I dropped his sample to the doctor this morning but I don't suppose we'll hear back for a while, as I think if there's no obvious Infection eg UTI then they send it off. Does it definitely sound like it would be joggers haemeturia, as it only happened after exercising vigorously? I'm panicking and thinking the worst as usual.

ParkingFred Wed 16-Apr-14 19:20:05

Please don't panic! It's highly unlikely to be anything sinister.

Bet it's the exercise.

FabULouse Wed 16-Apr-14 19:26:35

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

FantaSea Wed 16-Apr-14 19:45:27

Lookingforadvice my DH had an episode of bright red wee when he had a urine infection and it cleared up really quickly with a course of antibiotics. I was horrified when he called me into the bathroom to look and phoned NHS direct in a real panic - they were quite matter-of-fact about it and said to go to the gp who said it was an infection and were equally unworried.

InSpaceNooneCanHearYouScream Wed 16-Apr-14 19:46:10

He needs to actually discuss it with the doctor, explaining ' I get blood in my urine after vigorous workouts'. But please don't panic- it's probably nothing serious at all

Lookingforadvice123 Wed 16-Apr-14 19:46:55

Thank you both I'm trying not to! It looks like the only serious things it could be are bladder / kidney / prostate cancer, which from my research (yes I'm an obsessive googler) looks v v unlikely at only 30 years old.

He's under strict instruction (from me!) not to exercise at all for at least 10 days, and if it doesn't reappear at all in that time hopefully our minds can rest.

Lookingforadvice123 Wed 16-Apr-14 19:50:45

Oops sorry didn't realise others had replied - he's going to try and get an urgent same day appointment with the gp tomorrow as the earliest appointment I could book is in two weeks' time. If they test his ewe and say it's a urine infection I'll be so relieved! Did your husband have any other symptoms FantaSea? Mine hasn't so I sort of ruled that out as from past experience when you've got a uti, you know about it! But i don't know if it's the same for men.

FantaSea Wed 16-Apr-14 19:57:47

Lookingforadvice no, my DH didn't have any other symptoms at all - when I have had a UTI it has been really painful to wee, but he said it was just normal and the first thing he noticed was the red wee. No temperature, no pain on weeing, no stomach pain, literally nothing at all, which was why I was so freaked out. The gp tested his wee and prescribed some antibiotics and that sorted it out really quickly. I do remember he had to give a sample in after the antibiotics were finished just to check that there was no blood left and it was fine.

Lookingforadvice123 Thu 17-Apr-14 11:27:20

Thanks everyone for your advice on here. dH had the doctors appointment this morning, and they had already tested his ewe that I dropped off yesterday morning and there was zero trace of blood in it. He explained what had happened anyway and the doc said its surprising how dehydration affects your body, and how long it could take to get back to normal. She basically thinks it's a combination of dehydration/joggers haematuria, and gave him a new sample tube to bring in if it happens I'm sort of relaxed now phew! So odd though that exercise could bring on a bit of blood like that, and then it completely stops.

InSpaceNooneCanHearYouScream Thu 17-Apr-14 12:03:29

Good news

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