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Spooning into summer - life with chronic pain & fatigue.

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Grockle Sun 14-Jul-13 07:58:50

A lovely, supportive thread for those of us suffering with a range of illnesses & syndromes that cause chronic pain & fatigue, amongst many other things.

Lots of advice shared but also a place to chat & laugh with people who understand.

theory here

Grockle Sun 14-Jul-13 08:02:02

Whoops! blush

spoon theory here

fuzzpig Sun 14-Jul-13 08:23:23

New title rocks! Love it grin

belleshell Sun 14-Jul-13 10:32:42

hello my fellow spoonless virtual buddies.......

KatyMac Sun 14-Jul-13 10:45:31


I'm having a bad patch so I thought I'd check in here

daisychicken Sun 14-Jul-13 11:17:23

Hi, am also having a bad few days again.... did a bit much yesterday plus the heat isn't helping..

CFSKate Sun 14-Jul-13 18:00:32

Reposting these for the new thread.

Fundraising links

shopping at amazon? use this!


International Consensus Primer for ME

Canadian Guidelines for ME

Fibromyalgia overview


CFSKate Sun 14-Jul-13 18:04:52

Forgot 25% group for severe ME sufferers

Grockle Sun 14-Jul-13 21:37:25

Nice to see people posting smile

I've had a good patch recently. Pain-wise, at least. Insomnia is BAD & restless legs/ arms/ brain fog are not great. I'm wondering if the reduction in pain is linked to my being wheat-free for 4 weeks now. I hope not because I'd love a nice baguette with loads of butter. Gluten-free bread just isn't the same.

Mentally, I've been in a bad way but I had a bit of an epiphany today & am trying very hard to be positive, calm & smiley. Not being in great pain makes that much easier.

Spoons to you all.

newestbridearound Mon 15-Jul-13 08:20:25

Hello, I haven't posted on the spoon thread before now but having a really bad patch with my ME at the moment so thought I'd say hello smile

gallifrey Mon 15-Jul-13 08:24:07

Grockle I am pleased to hear that you are feeling better and more positive now xx

buildingmycorestrength Mon 15-Jul-13 19:49:03

Hi all. Glad things are not to terrible at the moment, Grockle.

Hello newbride. thanks

Had guests at the weekend who took well over an hour to say their goodbyes. I was desperate to go lie down but keep thinking, 'Oh, they're going now, I'll just hang on.' Urgh.

Solo Tue 16-Jul-13 12:14:35

C&P'd from old thread. Didn't see the link!

Hi all. I hope you are all ok.

I returned to work yesterday. I am shattered tbf. I am being sent to the OH people which I hate doing! but I have no choice sad

Many extra spoons to you all.

Matildathecat Tue 16-Jul-13 13:07:59

Hello, new poster here. Long history of prolapsed disc, failed surgery, finally getting second opinion and diagnosis of severe nerve compression due to scarring from the first surgery. Second op to remove the scar tissue and decompress the improvement and MRI now shows even worse scar formation. Now been told to go down chronic pain management path. Had some stupidly expensive injections last month which have helped a bit and have more booked for Sept on the NHS. Shed loads of drugs.

Anyway, I have been offered a place on a Pain Management group which involves all sorts including CBT. I will definitely go but was interested if anyone has done this kind of thing and what they got from it?

Hope you are all having a good day and look forward to chatting here.

magso Tue 16-Jul-13 13:44:47

Hi Matilda. Sorry your surgery was not successful. In our local hospital the chronic pain is combined with the CFS/FMS team. I have CFS. I attended 3 1:1 sessions, which helped me learn to pace (not do too much)and accept etc and have got less unwell during that time, so I think it probably did help. There was also physio but I did not get that far due to another condition (PoTS).
Grockle hope your slightly better patch continues and becomes and even better.
Has anyone used TENS for back pain? I have had back pain on and off for decades, (currently have a minor facet lock up causing pain on breathing- a regular occurance but I can't see the chiropractor till next week) and have just bought a small semi disposable stick on TENs patch (half price in coop pharmacy). I have never used one before and do not know how to set the level. Do you set it to be just detectable or does it need to be much more obvious? I tried the later yesterday and I it didn't seem to help.

belleshell Tue 16-Jul-13 15:59:55

Hi to the newbies, and welcome, we are a lovely bunch here, even if I say so myself.....Grockle :D glad things a little easier!!! xx
Magso, with tens start off low and increase it until its unbearable, I used it in start with couldn't tolerate greater than setting 3 towards the end I was on ten and couldn't feel a thing, oh the joys of child birth!!

fuzzpig Tue 16-Jul-13 18:09:22

Hi all smile

Just wanted to say I have now settled on 12hrs a week instead of 16. I had been umming and aahing for a while but I just decided to make the bloody choice - even if it's the wrong one - and get on with it. So, I will now only be doing 3 4hr shifts a week instead of 4 - and crucially, there will always be at least one day between each shift. That is going to make a big difference I think especially if I get a bug (since that's when I end up off sick, as the CFS makes simple illnesses so much worse) - I will only ever have one day to get through before I can rest, or if it is really bad hopefully I will only need one day off sick. It starts immediately which I was surprised about but it's good as I no longer have The Fear of doing consecutive days.

Matildathecat Tue 16-Jul-13 18:19:57

Hi Magso, I have used Tens quite a bit. As said already start low the increase. I can tolerate it quite high but found it quite an annoying sensation and kind of reminded me I was in pain. I prefer more pleasant distractions. I have a fab physio/ Pilates instructor who gives me a wonderful massage then back targeted exercise. It's a bit expensive but I'd go every day if I could afford it. I also love swimming so go to the pool a few times a week and do a combo of swimming and hydro exercises...did I mention I used to be super fit before this saga?!

I did listen to music on my iPod in the wee small hours when in agony, strangely enough I now hate all my former favourite music. Would insert sad face but don't know how...

educatingarti Tue 16-Jul-13 20:36:31

Marking place on new thread

magso Tue 16-Jul-13 21:51:57

Thanks Belles and Matilda, I will try turning it up. I think my back is playing up because I missed pilates.
Fuzzpig hope your new hours work. You can always increase again if you need to.

crashdoll Wed 17-Jul-13 08:19:38

Hi spoonies! My hospital have applied for funding anti-TNF treatment for me, which I am strangely excited about. I feel really hopeful that this is the right way to go for me. I'd cross my fingers but they're very swollen atm.

Grockle Wed 17-Jul-13 09:36:43

Hello.... Welcome, newbies. smile

my positiveness seems to have waned somewhat overnight. confused I feel quite unwell & so exhausted. Trying to drag myself to the end of term. A couple of weeks of almost no pain, some energy & feeling quite bright & chirpy was lovely though. I just wish I know what had caused it so I could repeat it. I stopped taking all my meds a few weeks ago because I felt like they weren't helping & were just making me fat & sluggish. I felt amazing for a while but now I feel like I am having a crash. So, do I medicate or not? Do I start eating wheat again or stay off it?

Well done, fuzz. I think if you ever decide 12 hours is not enough, it's easier to build up from that than to reduce hours so I think you have done the right thing.

I have tried TENs in the past but it either did nothing or gave me painful electric shocks! I don't know if it was me or a rubbish unit or what. I know people love them though.

educatingarti Wed 17-Jul-13 12:21:13

Struggling to get going today sad

Solo Wed 17-Jul-13 12:27:30

I have not made it to work today sad still in bed actually blush), I'm sooo tired.

I am wondering if the OH people might retire me medically or make me medically incompetent...? anyone know anything about these?

Matildathecat Wed 17-Jul-13 13:41:25

Solo, can you indicate what type of employment you have? I may be able to clarify a few bits for you.

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