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What fresh hell is this? Wisdom teeth coming through at 36?!!!

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JujyFruits Thu 27-Oct-11 00:10:49

Is this even possible?

I thought you got them in your teens and I'd had a lucky escape...

Have pain at the back of both sides of the top row of teeth. Like a dull ache, going into my jaw and cheek.

The pain isn't THAT bad but its doing my head in as it's been going on for weeks. No teeth have broken through the gum but I can feel them with my tongue underneath.

Whats going on? Does this sound like wisdom teeth?

Ponders Thu 27-Oct-11 00:21:11

I would go to the dentist & get x-rays to confirm that it is wisdom teeth (just in case it isn't confused)

I think they can come through at any age though

SingingSands Thu 27-Oct-11 00:25:29

You have my sympathies - I've been suffering for a week with mine. One of mine at the bottom is impacted and is giving me no end of grief. I feel like I've got someone else's teeth in my mouth, I can't eat properly and I'm biting on the inside of my mouth every time I try to chew or close my back teeth. I've booked a referral with my dentist for Monday but it feels like a long time till Monday! I'm using Bonjela and ibuprofen for the pain, if it helps.

NHSDentist Thu 27-Oct-11 08:51:35

Wisdom teeth normally appear between the ages of 18-20, but they can erupt later.

If you get swelling, tender glands, or severe pain you should consult your dentist. Similarly, it is probably beneficial that you consult a dentist even with a dull ache to get it checked out.

Bonsoir Thu 27-Oct-11 09:07:42

My bottom left hand wisdom tooth first pierced my gum a couple of years ago, in my early 40s. It is still coming through!

CumpyGrunt Thu 27-Oct-11 09:20:01

I've had to have 3 of mine extracted in the last couple of years , 1 is still coming through.

I'm 31

JujyFruits Thu 27-Oct-11 17:04:00

Damn I thought I'd escaped!

NHSdentist - funnily enough I've just rung my NHS dentist and they have no appointments for several weeks and they asked me to ring back in 2 weeks time shock

We have a dental hospital nearby that I can go to in an emergency (and queue for several hours....) but I'm not in much pain, so I don't think it's urgent is it?

It's just a constant dull ache / pressure feeling that I can mostly ignore unless I focus on it....

Do you always need wisdom teeth removed when they come through?

NHSDentist Fri 28-Oct-11 11:07:21

JujyFruits, I take it you don't live near London as we have appointments available from Monday onwards and if you were in pain you can always attend between 10-10:45am and 2:00-2:45pm Mon-Fri as an Emergency Patient - just walk-in.

On your specific problem, Dentists are not permitted to diagnose or recommend treatment without having seen the patient first. In our experience, it is not always necessary that wisdom teeth need removing.

areyoutheregoditsmemargaret Fri 28-Oct-11 11:41:24

Yup, one of mine first started bothering me at around 33, had it extracted finally at 38. Good luck

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