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Cervical Cancer

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NannyL Thu 18-Aug-05 19:17:27

does anyone know anything about cervical cancer...

Drs think my best friend (24) is likely to have it... but has 2 wait 6 weeks for the tests to confirm it

she is 24 with a 2 year old little girl, and petrified

any ideas what they will do... and what her chances are

might she be able to have mroe kids?

Aragon Thu 18-Aug-05 19:31:31

What is making the doctors think she has it?

Also six weeks is a long time to be waiting if it's a cancer referral. Is it test results she's waiting six weeks for or six weeks before they can do tests?

Also, as far as I am aware, cervical cancer is among the most curable of cancers.

singsong Thu 18-Aug-05 20:46:05

look here for info about cervical cancer.

Have the doctors actually said they think she has cancer or have they told her there are abnormal cells on a smear test? I think it is unlikely she would have to wait 6 weeks if they thought she has cancer.

bumpylump Thu 18-Aug-05 20:48:56

surely they wouldnt wait that long I agree. I had abnormal cells myself and had to go in hospital to have them zapped, they rang me at home to get me to go in the following week. I hope this means it's not as serious as she thinks, fingers crossed.

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