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feeling sick week before period, every month

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dribbleface Fri 09-Jul-10 15:16:01


every month the week before my period I feel so so sick, to the point of retching. Had iron levels checked, normal.

Anyone else have similar, any suggestions? It sound minor but feel so ill today and because of noisy retching in work loo was sent home from work. If i didn't know better it feels like the horrible morning sickness i had when expecting!

diamondsandtiaras Fri 09-Jul-10 18:35:15

are you on the pill or some kind of hormonal contraceptive?

Buzzybb Fri 09-Jul-10 18:44:43

Dribbleface I have this as well as pain, but I spend the week actually vomiting [sorry tmi] I have had all the gyne tests which were clear [or at least it went sorry we see the endo and the cysts and the fibroids but they are not the problem] I have had some gastro tests but am not hopeful. Everyone [all the Dr's anyway] are saying it is hormonal and take the pill.[How I will only vomit up again confused]. Sorry useless post no real help but just wanted you to know you are not alone

Buzzybb Fri 09-Jul-10 18:47:29

Meant to say could you ask for a prescription I taken Nexium tablets, also I take motilium before meals and gaviscon after meals [You can use both together as they work on different parts og the intestine/stomach

dribbleface Fri 09-Jul-10 20:59:54


thanks for answers, i was wondering if going on pill might help (came off it some years ago due to blood pressure issues). G.P been bit dismissive. Only been a problem since i had my little boy 2 yrs ago, so thinking it through perhaps the pill might help

back to doctors i go!

Buzzybb, was beginning to think i was imagining it so nice to know its not just me,

Buzzybb Fri 09-Jul-10 21:37:22

No it is not just you I did feel like a freak for a while esp when I would go to A&E after being so sick I vomited blood 3 months in a row, the knew me last time It is the PMS womanblush but tbh they were the only ones who took me seriously and gave me a gastro referral The Dr in A&E on Monday said I should be checked for diverticulitis and he has done all the hormone tests.

It would be good to get bloods done to check but do go the week you are ill,
I went with a diary ie day 1 felt fine day 21 was sick etc and I kept a food diary also hope you get ans soon [it was male dr who took me seriously and not the female who was very dismissive . I am holding off on starting the pill until all the results are back

dribbleface Fri 09-Jul-10 21:39:59

Thanks buzzybb, will start diary, very good idea.

picklesrule Fri 09-Jul-10 23:28:10

Hi Dribbleface,
I was just coming on here to start a similar thread..
I have not been vomiting but have had nausea, loss of appetite, fatigue about the same time each month for the last 3 months..I am assuming that it is period related due to it being monthly but am still breastfeeding and periods not yet returned so not sure..
I think I will go to see the Doctors as well..I'm not keen on going back on the pill but will see what they say!

Buzzybb Fri 09-Jul-10 23:35:47

Pickles I am definitely resisting the pill solution [much to dp's disgust condoms are not his favourite form of birth control]until I have an ans/diagnosis but do keep a diary so you can show a definite pattern if possible.
Congrats on Your new baby

picklesrule Sat 10-Jul-10 08:44:27

Thanks Buzzybb I will do that. Only just realised this month that it is possibly cyclical..had assumed before that i had a stomach bug.

DD is now 9 months and dropping the bf a bit so maybe thats why I'm feeling these symptoms more now?? Who knows!

Sooo annoying if it is going to be a monthly thing though...never had any PMS issues before dd and really don't want to go back on the pill..took forever for my peiods to come back last time I came off it...

Your symptoms sound much worse than mine though you poor thing, so I will count myself lucky on that front..

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