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How on earth do you get a baby to take antibiotics???

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Twiglett Wed 17-Aug-05 19:30:59

clamps her mouth and turns her head away now, when it gets in her mouth she spit it out


mixing with juice, mixing with milk

laying her flat, holding her nose and injecting it to back of throat (she gargled and spat for that one)

she's fifteen months old btw

help appreciated

hunkermunker Wed 17-Aug-05 19:33:34

Mix it with yoghurt? Good luck!

Hope she's better soon xxx

Aimsmum Wed 17-Aug-05 19:34:55

Message withdrawn

Twiglett Wed 17-Aug-05 19:35:01

thanks hunker will try yogurt

any more for any more??

never had this problem with DS, he loves medicine

juicychops Wed 17-Aug-05 19:36:57

laying her flat and putting it under her tongue or in her cheek and then shuting her mouth

Twiglett Wed 17-Aug-05 19:39:00

she woke up yesterday with a huge puss filled (black and green) abcess on her knuckle

there was nothing there the night before

didn't bother me .. took her to GP at 3.30 cos was busy in the morning .. GP took family history, called hospital and asked paed if they thought DH's arthritic conditions were relevant because its directly over joint .. hence bringing to forefront of my mind my worst nightmare (that kids could develop DH's disease).. she then made me take her to A&E

held it together till triage when I just lost it .. felt like such a feckin' numpty .. crying over a stupid blister thing

paed told me basically bollocks and she obviously had a cut I hadn't noticed .. so DD not doomed but I am officially a crap mum

hunkermunker Wed 17-Aug-05 19:39:43

Oh, poor baby (and poor you! Much worse for us, isn't it?!).

Twiglett Wed 17-Aug-05 19:40:59

juicy .. tried that (kind of) she gargled and spat

the stuff does taste foul tbf

hunkermunker Wed 17-Aug-05 19:41:43

Which antibiotic is it? Can you ask the pharmacist if there's a nicer flavoured one?

Aimsmum Wed 17-Aug-05 19:42:37

Message withdrawn

Twiglett Wed 17-Aug-05 20:12:04

we had a lovely day today (this was yesterday) .. thankfully it has popped and looks a lot better .. but still can't get the ab's into her

tomorrow will try yogurt and the here's a bit here's a chocolate route

any other suggestions

Debbsywillgetherbeanie Wed 17-Aug-05 21:01:17

have you tried aiming syringe right to the back of her throat that should work fingers crossed what antibiotic is it? amoxycillin ?

Copper Wed 17-Aug-05 21:47:08

Try giving her the antibiotic when she is asleep. We gave a daily dose to ds2 this way for 2 years - much the easiest. Just put the tip of the syring in and let her suck it out - don't squirt it. If it's a 3 a day dose you might get in 2 this way

mckenzie Wed 17-Aug-05 21:52:43

if it's the reddy/pink stuff then you and your daughter have my deepest sympathy. It's vile and we had to get 4 lots a day down 5 month old DD for a week. I'm not sure who cried most, her or me. The best thing we found was to get 4 year old DS to help as DD is obviously his biggest fan and didn't mind quite so much when he was involved.
Good luck.

Twiglett Thu 18-Aug-05 07:52:16

still no joy .. yep its the red stuff .. it has such a bitter aftertaste

she managed to take a little in her mouth and a chocolate button .. spat out the antibiotic but kept the button .. that's my girl <slightly proud emoticon>

Flossam Thu 18-Aug-05 07:59:48

Don't know if this should ever be said but bittter aftertaste - maybe made better with sugar a la Mary Poppins?

kid Thu 18-Aug-05 08:05:41

My poor DD had to take loads of foul tasting medicine as she kept getting impetigo (or at least what we thought was impetigo at the time)

She was older than your DD though so probably made it easier. I used to give her a chocolate or something she loved eating / drinking and tell her to take the medicine then she could have X.

chonky Thu 18-Aug-05 09:10:02

Maybe try syringing it aimed into her cheek, and then holding her cheeks together? This is how we saw nurses administer yukky stuff to dd and it seems to work. Not particularly pleasant to have to do though. Poor old mini Twiglett, hope she's on the mend soon.

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