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Insect bite and red line going up my leg. should I worry?

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M78 Sat 03-Jul-10 17:38:47

I was stung last night in the inside of my thigh by an insect (I assume) and this morning I woke up with a red and swallen leg, it feels really hot to the touch and it's really itchy. I have noticed that there is now a red line going towards my hip bone. I seem to remember that it is something that shuld be seen straight away, but my DH seems to think that it's nothing and that I should wait until Mon. Anyone has had anything similar? should I spend my evening in A&E or should I just wait?


MadameCastafiore Sat 03-Jul-10 17:40:45

I remember hearing something - probably on BBC morning news as is allI get to watch anynore - that if red ines and start travelling should be taken seriously - especially if going towards your trunk (major bits of you that could seriously be affected by blood poisoning!)

MaryBS Sat 03-Jul-10 17:42:10

DH had something similar when he went to Canada - we got it seen straight away, as the line kept going up - potential blood poisoning!

rosieposey Sat 03-Jul-10 17:46:58

I had a burn on my ankle and it got infected, within about 3 hours my leg was hot and there were red lines tracking up my leg really obviously as well. I went to A and E and was put straight on antibiotics so there you go - get thee to the hospital (scepticemia is dangerous and you should get it sorted) hope you feel better soon

DH had this and I sent him straight to out of hours Dr. He was put straight on a/b. Can be dangerous if not treated.

PlasticCenturion Sat 03-Jul-10 17:49:36

You need to see somebody. Same happened to me but with a cut from standing on a rusty can on the beach. Very hot and swollen and a dark red line up my leg. It travelled very fast and needed strong antibiotics straight away. It needs to be stopped. It's an infection.

M78 Sat 03-Jul-10 17:57:55

Thanks for the replies, as usual I was right! anyway on my way to A&E now....

MaryBS Sat 03-Jul-10 20:07:43

Eek, hope you get it sorted! Let us know how you get on!

chimchar Sat 03-Jul-10 20:09:39

oh god. hope you're ok. do come back and tell us how you get on.

DBennett Sat 03-Jul-10 20:12:34

Sounds like you have cellulitis (inflammation of the soft tissue, in this case lkeg) and the inflammation has spraed to your lymph system (this is the red lines).

Go get it checked and most likely a few weeks of anti-biotics.

When my DH had the red lines it was sceptecemia, this was from flea bites. He was admitted for IV antibiotics.

M78 Sat 03-Jul-10 21:35:35

just got back, I have to take strong antibiotics for 1 week and hopefully it will improve. If tomorrow it's worse I need to go back. The red line is now 1 inch longer than 3 hrs ago, hopefully it will get better, I really hate this sort of things as I always get really scared about being ill....

I'm sure the abx will start working quickly.

PlasticCenturion Sat 03-Jul-10 22:05:51

Please try not to worry. The antibiotics will work quickly. I took an anti-inflammatory too as my leg was swollen and sore. I hated having covers on it too the first night in bed. Luckily it's warm enough that you don't need them.

Feel better soon.

bluejeans Sat 03-Jul-10 22:10:50

Hi M78, I've had this too - the red line went quickly with anti biotics but I had flu like symptoms for a few days. Hope you feel better soon. Your DH sounds like mine!

trefusis Sat 03-Jul-10 22:11:33

Message withdrawn

nightcat Sat 03-Jul-10 22:12:20

When a similar thing happened to me a few years ago - a bite around the ankle - I left it for 3-4 days. Then pus started forming under my hand nails.. it was quite scary. Didn't connect the two straightawy, but went to dr with the nails, then they checked me over and I had a red line almost reaching the back of my knee. Scared me no end and antibiotics sorted it out.

MyCatIsABiggerBastardThanYours Sat 03-Jul-10 22:13:26

Yes, I get this when stung or bitten by bees, wasps or horseflys. I have to take steroids.

Hope your OK now.

belledechocolatefluffybunny Sat 03-Jul-10 22:14:36

Ds says you've been bitten by a baby dragon.

her son speaking now
Normal dragons, (adult size) are rather rare, but the poison will kill. They are very dangerous, so it's not an adult onegrin but..... It is probably a baby dragon, without the wings/or with wings that can't fly. Or... It could be a wyvern, a dragon-like creature without wings and the front legs are shorter than the back legs. Either way, go to your nearest healing magewink and get it healed.

MaryBS Sun 04-Jul-10 08:25:33

LOL at the baby dragon explanation

Glad you hear that you're getting it treated. DH was fine once he got his antibiotics. Marking where the line has got to is good advice - how is it now?

M78 Sun 04-Jul-10 10:33:43

this morning I feel much better, the swelling has gone down and the area is not as red as last night. The only thing is that it has become so itchy that I hardly slept at all! I marked where the line was last night and this morning it is still the same. According to DD my leg still looks deformed ( thanks!) but I am not too worried especially now that I know what has bitten my thanks to belle's DS!

PlasticCenturion Sun 04-Jul-10 12:00:06

I think the itching means it's getting better. I always itch when I'm healing. Have you tried taking piriton for it in case it helps?

fluffy, I think I love your ds.

belledechocolatefluffybunny Sun 04-Jul-10 17:20:31

grin Sorry about that. He comes out with some interesting things sometimes.

KurriKurri Sun 04-Jul-10 17:58:11

M78 - I had the same thing on my arm last summer, as well as AB's the hospital gave me piriton and hydrocortisone cream - maybe worth a go if itching continues.
The red line thing is quite scary isn't it, because it seems to happen so quickly - glad you got it sorted and are feeling better now. smile

M78 Sun 04-Jul-10 19:57:33

i have been taking piriton as well, the itching is better tonight, hopefully i will get a decent night sleep!

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