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How do you get referred to community mental health services?

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spacedonkey Tue 16-Aug-05 15:54:51

Do you have to be referred through your GP or can you ring them up and ask for help yourself?

TwinSetAndPearls Tue 16-Aug-05 15:55:53

I think through you gp, but I could be wrong.

Nemo1977 Tue 16-Aug-05 15:57:04

You can do either.Referral through gp/ hv is usually better but you can contact them or crisis team if it is particularly urgent

spacedonkey Tue 16-Aug-05 16:10:30

Doh - I have found lots of info about this on my local NHS website! I always consider mumsnet to be the wisest source of advice though. Thanks twinset and nemo

cori Tue 16-Aug-05 16:40:33

I think you are meant tp go through your GP but every health authority is different. You could call them yourself ask.

cod Tue 16-Aug-05 16:40:52

Message withdrawn

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