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New treatments for myopia

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Janh Tue 16-Aug-05 11:58:58

In this piece from today's Guardian.

It covers Ortho K lenses (hunker and someone else have those), a new and safer Lasik thing (Intralasik) and lenses that could stop myopia developing in the first place.


jamiesam Tue 16-Aug-05 12:55:02

Thanks for link Janh

Interesting that Prof O'Leary rubbishes the Ortho K lenses - 'There has not yet been a large study on the long-term safety of the lenses' but then plugs study of his own lenses and asks for guinea pigs. No conflict of interest there I think!?

Janh Tue 16-Aug-05 12:56:08

Ohhhh, really, js? I didn't read it carefully. Yes, agree, very interesting!

Oooh, these medical experts and their hobby-horses

SueW Tue 16-Aug-05 13:03:37

Sounds like the whole thing was written to give Prof O a chance to appeal for guinea pigs!

jamiesam Tue 16-Aug-05 13:10:34

ooh, even more cynical than me!

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