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who's still up? pink smear in 3mo's nappy. worried.

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berolina Tue 16-Aug-05 00:01:55

just changed ds's nappy (pee only, no poo) and there was a tiny smear of pink in it (v thin, maybe 2cm long). He has had quite red/irritated skin in that area, but can't see any broken skin. he's 3 months this week and fully bf. Seems healthy and happy. Any ideas? Is it blood in the urine? How worried should I be? TIA

essbee Tue 16-Aug-05 00:49:41

Message withdrawn

NotQuiteCockney Tue 16-Aug-05 01:24:31

Have you been eating beets? I think this can cause red pee, even in the baby.

Otherwise, as essbee says, I suspect it's the irritation. If he's off-colour tomorrow, or if there's more blood, I'd take him to the GP tomorrow. Otherwise, it's probably just one of those things, and not worth worrying about.

berolina Tue 16-Aug-05 07:25:45

NQC - I detest beets!!! Won't be that.
ds seems chirpy as ever and there's no more blood, despite copious amounts of pee in night. Might just ring my paed to check, but otherwise wait + see.

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