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Weaning a what was lactose intolerent baby back onto milk

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Charlee Mon 15-Aug-05 19:37:21

I wasnt sure weather this should be posted on the food section or health or weaning so sorry if i got it wrong.........

DS has been on a milk free diet since he was 3 months old, he has been having nutramagin formular and obviously solids that dont contain milk. Our dietician said we should wean him back onto milk about nowish and we were ment to have an appointment but we were unable to attend and now its going to take months to get another one.

DS however took things into his own hands and helped himself to a family size tray of all butter flapjacks whilst my back was turned since then we have been slowly weaning im onto solids containing milk and he has been COMPLETLEY fine.
He is however still having nutramagin i dont mind this one bit so dont get me wrong but it would be soooooo much easier if he could have normal mill=k but im not sure how to try him on it do i just change over at once or do one bottle at a time or what, any ideas?

Charlee Mon 15-Aug-05 19:37:42

opps hes coming up 1yr - i forgot to add!

Charlee Mon 15-Aug-05 19:52:06


geogteach Mon 15-Aug-05 19:58:06

Not sure but DD (2) and DS2 (9 months) have this prob. With DD we now get by fine by just avoiding milk (to drink or on cereal, use soya)but she eats cheese sandwiches and other food containing dairy, dietician said DS2 on nutramagen til at least 15 months

Charlee Mon 15-Aug-05 20:48:56

thanks, were keeping ds off soya due to the recent speculations, i know the dietician said if hes ok with dairy now he can go onto a normal diet but im not sure how quickly to try and transfer it anyone else?

starlover Mon 15-Aug-05 20:57:19

can you mix the milk in with the formula and then gradually increase it?
i think you're right to take it slowly (although i have no experience of this)

by the way... are you charleepeters? or another charlee?

Charlee Mon 15-Aug-05 20:58:45

nope im still little old me! charleepeters couldnt be bothered writing it al the time though so now im just Charlee

dont think i can mix it nutramagin makes everything go nasty, even if i put it on cereal it goes icky

starlover Mon 15-Aug-05 21:02:46

ahh i thought it was you!
if it were me i would just maybe start by introducing it in cereal and other dairy products (cheese etc) a little at a time. that way if he does react to it then hopefully it won't be as bad.
then move onto one milk drink a day and gradually increase?

Charlee Mon 15-Aug-05 21:04:15

thats what i thought he has been having dairy food cheese/yoghurts ect for about 3 weeks now so maybe i will try him on a little bottle of milk tomorrow?

starlover Mon 15-Aug-05 21:11:39

yeah give it a go!
as i say, i don't know much about it. but that's what i would do.

Charlee Mon 15-Aug-05 21:12:11


starlover Mon 15-Aug-05 21:13:33

if he has been having yoghurt and cheese and things and has been ok then i reckon he'll probably be ok with the milk too.
let us know how it goes!

Charlee Mon 15-Aug-05 21:16:26

Will do, off to make 'bottles' then off to bed im cream crackered! nice talking to you againmate, hope alls well in Crawley!

starlover Mon 15-Aug-05 21:20:33

nighty nighty!

Charlee Wed 17-Aug-05 14:34:54

Just to let you know Star, Jacks had two days of one normal milk bottle then the rest his special formular and hes taking it fine just need to slowley shift them all to cows milk. xx

starlover Wed 17-Aug-05 14:35:23

oh excellent
makes life a bit easier for you eh?

Charlee Wed 17-Aug-05 14:36:35

yeah just a bit! i mainly wanted to get him off it as were emmigrating to NZ and i dont want to have to find where to get it ect over there but hes taking to it really well!

starlover Wed 17-Aug-05 14:37:07

are you?????????? wow
lucky you!

Charlee Wed 17-Aug-05 14:41:04

Well luckily were bieng sponsored by my mums partner other wise it wouldnt be happening, its really exciting but a litle scary and very stressfull!

starlover Wed 17-Aug-05 14:43:17

well it's really lovely over there, gosh... wish it was me!
i know what you mean about it being scary though.. it's a long way away!

Charlee Wed 17-Aug-05 14:45:25

I know we booked the plane tickets today we have to go to Hong Kong and stop for 6 hours then back on the plane again to Auckland we will arive at god knows what time in the morning! but we have accomodation and garunteed jobs so i think we'll be ok. and i will still be on the net, i coulnt not go on mn!

starlover Wed 17-Aug-05 14:47:48

well i am insanely jealous! you better get a big enough house that i cam come and stay

PrettyCandles Wed 17-Aug-05 14:58:45

Charlee, a warning: my dd - now 2.6y - could not tolerate ordinary milk from the first time she tried it. She was breastfed, but when she started dropping feeds at about 18m I gave her ordinary formula as she seemed to tolerate that. She had a few months on formula before I started ordinary milk. She didn't seem to have any problems with it, but after a couple of months on ordinary milk I noticed that she had a permanent nasty rash of pimples on her arms and that it was spreading to her body. The rash didn't respond to any treatment - other than getting inflamed. She has been off milk for one week now and the rash is already fading. I still give her yogurt and hard cheeses, because in general those are better tolerated by milk-intolerant people.

So, I would suggest that you take it easy re-introducing 'fridge milk' to your ds's diet. Intolerances can linger, or be re-triggered with over-exposure. It might be better to give him formula instead.

PrettyCandles Wed 17-Aug-05 14:59:37

Oh, and good luck in New Zealand - what an adventure!

Charlee Wed 17-Aug-05 15:02:40

thanks pretty candles i will take it slow

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