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12 day period on pill

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rubles Mon 15-Aug-05 13:07:31

I decided to not have a break this month and not have a period...except I started to get the bleeding and it continued for 12 days despite the fact that I continued to take my pill. It is most curious. I did miss one on about day 8 and then another one on about day 15 (not a good month to be honest) and then I missed one on day 21 just before the bleed. I could understand why that might be the reason for the hormone level to drop, but why would it go on so long, especially as I continued to take the pill?
I have been fascinated by this as nothing like this has ever happened before, I am normally 5 days max.
I have wondered if I had a very very early miscarriage - do they last for longer?

Maybe it's just one of those things. Anyone any ideas?

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