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Feeling Crap

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CalicoPie Mon 15-Aug-05 11:29:04

has anyone else felt like this?

For a couple of weeks I've been feeling a bit tired and run down, but nothing really out of the ordinary. But since Thursday I've been really tired, felt sick, and had virtually zero appetite so have hardly eaten anything.

Went to the doc's this morning and they checked b.p. (fairly low but not too low). High pulse, but then I'm feeling pretty anxious about it all so it's probably that. She also checked my abdomen etc. which she said was fine. She seems to think I'm just run down and that this loss of appetite isn't uncommon and I should just start to eat small amounts (easier said than done)

Has anyone else had anything like this and if so how long will it last?

waterfalls Mon 15-Aug-05 11:32:21

Has Gp suggested blood tests for, Thyroid problems?

CalicoPie Mon 15-Aug-05 11:43:06

Hi Waterfalls thanks for replying

No not yet, she wants to give it a few more days. I have only got half a thyroid, though. Had a cyst on it so had to have an op. 15 years ago. I did mention this to her, but she said it was still early days and I was probably just run down. All my thyroid function tests since the op have come back ok (last one was 4 years ago though)

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