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Got over the flu - then just spent 4 days in hospital with Pneumonia

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bobbybob Mon 15-Aug-05 07:22:48

Just a pity post really.

Bob is now offically not an extended breastfed toddler, and the amount of stuff I'm on it's just not worth risking it. Seems silly for him to come back to it after 2 weeks off. It's not really the way I wanted it to end, but it was always going to be sad for me.

I had a stroke/meningitis scare the 2nd night, and was raced down for a CT scan, millions of tests etc. Best guess migraine, but they didn't actually do a lumbar puncture (which I have a total phobia of and kept refusing to 6 doctors) as I was already on ABs.

On the plus side I got my own room, the food wasn't too awful and all my nurses were lovely.

Goodness knows when I will be up to anything more than mumsnetting and drinking tea...

spagblog Mon 15-Aug-05 07:30:39

Ahhhh you have had a rough ride....Much sympathy. Get better soon.

Saacsmum Mon 15-Aug-05 08:01:45

Bobbybob that is awful news and not what you need on top of the nursery dramas you have been having, hope you are on the mend now.

bobbybob Mon 15-Aug-05 08:13:37

Nurses and Dr all reckoned that the nursery problem was the cause of me being run down.

handlemecarefully Mon 15-Aug-05 08:23:17

Are you fully recovered now?

bobbybob Mon 15-Aug-05 08:34:12

No, not anywhere near better - just better enough to be kicked out of hospital! They reckon at least a week off work, maybe two and then expect to feel crap for another month or so.

piffle Mon 15-Aug-05 08:44:38

much sympathy too I nearly died of pneumonia in 1999, it was agony and I also am sorry that Bob is now non breastfed as I know you were quite keen on that angle too
Get well soon
Pity duly offered

handlemecarefully Mon 15-Aug-05 08:53:07

I hope MrBobbybob will be doing lots to lighten your load whilst you are recuperating

bobbybob Mon 15-Aug-05 09:44:11

Dh is brilliant - he has had the flu too, but now my mum is here he can go back to work for a rest. I did spend my entire stay in hospital pjs as he kept bringing in weird and random items, but he remembered lip balm and ds so he got the main things covered.

Consultant prescribed anti nausea medication as well as antibiotics which makes a nice change from the usual suffer and cope advice.

Bob went to bed without mentioning a "mummy drink", but he is old enough to understand that mummy can't feed him because of her tablets. Tonight he was p*ing about while dh was changing his nappy and I said "mummy's too ill for this be quiet" and he stopped wriggling and put his finger to his lips and said "I be quiet".

hub2dee Mon 15-Aug-05 10:25:48

awww @ Bob...

So, you have been PRESCRIBED mumsnet and tea, bobbybob ??? LOL !

Take it easy, eh, and hope you're in much better shape soon.

bobbybob Tue 16-Aug-05 07:44:23

My doctor rang me for 11 minutes today to see how I was feeling and to answer "those questions you get in the car and wished you had asked". I need varicose vein cream for a botched canula - very sexy. Very impressed at that service.

Then my MP came to see me at home to help sort out ds's nursery.

And I got flowers from a relation I don't even know.

Is pneumonia really serious and I haven't realised?

expatinscotland Tue 16-Aug-05 08:13:38

I had pneumonia as a complication of flu and YES! it can be very serious. Glad you got prompt, quality care!

When you hear reports of elderly and those with compromised immune systems dying of flu, it's largely due to pneumonia. Pneumonia is an infection of the lungs, so yes, it is treated seriously by health professionals.

Take really good care of yourself and don't be discouraged if you easily tire and feel a little short of breath for a few weeks. It can by some weeks before you feel 100% again. Just let your body be your guide. Sounds like you're well on your way to recovery so keep up the good work.

bobbybob Thu 18-Aug-05 08:16:56


I have now had an allergic reaction to the ABs (after 4 doses) but I can't have steroids for it as that will help the pneumonia.

I have to wait until tomorrow (letting pneumonia get a bit of a grip, but hopefully preventing rebound reaction) and then start some new ones.

Problem is I am allergic to so many ABs now that it is getting hard to treat my pneumonia effectively. Might end up in hospital with the IV ones because they seemed to be okay.

Oh and I got a stern warning about doing too much. Doctor was almost calling social services until I said my mum had moved in to look after ds. I am allowed to sit and lie and go to the toilet (I have added essential mumsnet moaning to the list) and that's it.

throckenholt Thu 18-Aug-05 08:22:41

try and take it easy and let yourself get better. Take advantage of all and any offers of help. Get some good books to read, and enjoy Mumsnet (although apparently it is quite bitchy at the moment - I seem to have missed all the relevant threads though ).

Sounds like Bob is being really sweet - it must have worried him that you were away from home.

bobbybob Thu 18-Aug-05 09:33:24

Rash is now spreading despite taking another anti histamine and not taking this evenings AB. I feel another trip to hospital is imminent.

expatinscotland Thu 18-Aug-05 09:40:49

Please phone your doc and have him phone ahead to A&E. Pneumonia isn't something you want to allow to progress any further than it has to.

Take care of yourself! I did too much myself and it made my recovery SO much slower. I was a fit, 25-year-old woman who wound up in hospital for Christmas b/c of it.

bobbybob Fri 19-Aug-05 00:01:59

They've taken me off everything, as the consultant reckons they have given me enough ABs to kill off the pneumonia, and I'm just reacting to everything.

Not sick enough for a bed, too sick to look after myself...

KiwiKate Fri 19-Aug-05 00:35:54

Oh Bobbybob - so sorry to hear of your illhealth. I can well believe that the childcare drama was sufficiently stressful to kick it all off (after all they were persistently careless of an allergy that could be life threatening for bob).

Anyway, what did your MP say? Are things progressing? (I can't seem to find your other thread. Are you still updating it?)

I'm due with my second baby in 3 weeks, and have suddenly and swiftly come down with the most dreadful flu. My doc is (thankfully) seeing me this afternoon during her designated break time. I know that NZ is in the middle of a flu epidemic and many people that I know personally have ended up in hospital/with pneumonia which started as flu.

Please do take it as easy as possible. I'm sure you are aware from media reports that the flu/pneumonia has had several fatalities this year. When tempted to overdo it, just think of how much bob needs you. Rather err on the side of caution (even if it drives you mad).

You are in my thoughts and prayers
take care

KiwiKate Fri 19-Aug-05 00:37:07

As mums and wives, I think we sometimes forget that we can't take care of those we love, unless we take care of ourselves first.

gingerbear Fri 19-Aug-05 00:57:54

Bobbybob, my thought are with you, you must be feling dreadful. My DH had pneumonia following flu and it took heaps of AB's and weeks for him to recover. Thankfully he wasn't hosptalised, but at one point he looked like he needed intravenous-AB's. He is recovered now, but it took so long for his lungs to clear.

Here's wishing you a speedy recovery. xx

bobbybob Fri 19-Aug-05 07:03:57

MP is on the case - she visited me at home (!) and took lots of notes. She is researching it being a commercial agreement (esp. given the nursery and food company are both of the same (non main stream) religion).

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