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My 9 month old is really sicky

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vivie Sun 14-Aug-05 21:08:32

Ds2 is 9 months and still possets regularly. He's not quite as bad as when he was younger, but he's still sick after every meal, even after solids. He usually eats fine, his weight gain is fine and it doesn't seem to trouble him so it's not reflux, but it's showing no signs of going away. I've had to get rid of the rug in our living room because it got so disgusting it was uncleanable.

This would be okay but about once or twice a week after his bath he throws up all his tea and his bedtime milk all over whoever is giving him his bottle, his cot, the floor, the curtains, etc which is truly vile. Again, he doesn't seem bothered and will quite happily eat another tea plus another bottle then fall asleep very nicely, it's just it's so unpleasant being puked on so much! He seems to do this when he's very tired or very full but there's no real pattern and I can't link it to any particular food. I don't ever force food on him and I'd be reluctant to cut back on his meals because he does have a tendency to demand feeds in the night if he skips meals during the day

Has anyone else's baby done this? Any ideas to stop it happening? When will it stop??

LIZS Sun 14-Aug-05 21:18:48

Just becasue he isn't distressed he may still have reflux, or a weak valve at the top of his stomach. dd had a mild reflux and suffered as a small baby but even once she could sit and was on solids would and could vomit readily but be quite happy. It eased at around a year, when she walked, having got worse for a while once she rolled and crawled. In the meantime there isn't a lot you can do apart from feeding little and often. I didn't give milk and solids together as it made her tummy too full and the contents more fluid and prone to come back up. Acidic and lumpy textures made things worse so we avoided those until she chose to help herself.

However at almost 4 she can still throw up easily if she has a cough or gags or a bumpy journey ! good luck.

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