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Ribcage - anything to worry about?

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Chocol8 Sat 13-Aug-05 10:30:39

I noticed yesterday in the mirror that the skin seemed slightly swollen on one side of my rib cage.

When I pulled in my stomach muscles (what there is of them!) - on the swollen side, the midrif goes right in at the bottom of my rib cage, but the other side remains quite flat and doesn't go in like the other side - does that make sense???

Would this be due to the organs inside, or is this quite normal?

katymac Sat 13-Aug-05 21:19:28

Don't know Chocol8, but hopefully someone else will if I bump it....

Chocol8 Sun 14-Aug-05 21:00:35

Thanks Katymac! Still a bit concerned about this as I have checked everyone else I know and their rib cages are equal on both sides.

Don't know if it's connected, but have a sort of vertical indent line with swelling on one side between my boobs which has been like that for months. Should I get it checked out or will I be wasting the docs time?

Tipex Sun 14-Aug-05 21:14:53

Chocol8, think its impossible to hazard a guess without seeing. Why dont you visit the doc, you wont be wasting their time (altho perhaps dont insist on an emergency appt!!). good luck!

Jimjams Sun 14-Aug-05 21:57:18

Get it checked out - do you mean under your rib cage? The liver etc lies under the rib cage and there is more liver and the spleen on the errr ummm left (I think) hand side (trying to visualise so may have that the wrong way round). Could just be that?

Jimjams Sun 14-Aug-05 21:59:18

Your stomach hangs around there as well- that can be felt when its full....

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