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Anyone else had an appointment cancelled at Manchester Childrens hospital?

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fairyfly Sat 13-Aug-05 10:05:19

Due to unforseen circumstances they have cancelled an appointment in October. Perhaps it is just his surgeon that is off but because its slightly vague i was wondering if it is a hospital problem. Thanks.

fairyfly Sat 13-Aug-05 10:43:47

hmmmm, well if nobody knows, i will just have to examine him myself with a fish slice and the kitchen scissors

fairyfly Sat 13-Aug-05 17:16:18

Just on the off chance im not the only person in manchester with a child who needs medical attention i will give it one last blatant bump.

potty1 Sat 13-Aug-05 17:54:19

Has it been booked long ff - maybe he's booked a late holiday. Dd's 12 monthly appointments often get shunted on a few weeks.

fairyfly Sat 13-Aug-05 18:03:31

Yes it is his 12 month appointment, but when it has happened before, usually when dr
is away i have a replacement date. Not to worry, i am sure everyone is the same, you like to get these things sorted without any delay.

potty1 Sat 13-Aug-05 19:16:21

So they've just cancelled - with no other date sent?? That's a bit off.

Clarinet60 Sat 13-Aug-05 22:19:46

We're having a bit of trouble getting them to start investigations on ds. They seem to be on a different timescale to the rest of us.
What is your son having done?

fairyfly Sun 14-Aug-05 22:01:22

He is just having an ultrasound and an ecg. just pisses me off as i cant check his hearts ok, need peace of mind, why are they playing you up?

morocco Sun 14-Aug-05 22:07:02

perhaps they will write again asking you to phone to make an appointment, I know some hospitals use that appointment system now rather than just giving you a day and time to come in
it's not on to just cancel like that though - keep on chasing!
can I ask what the children's hospital is like? we are moving to bolton soon and I thought I might use that as our nearest port of call - does it have an Ok rep?

fairyfly Sun 14-Aug-05 22:13:02

Oh of course, surely childrens hospitals are the best anyway? when i knew my son was ill i thought about going private but it is the same staff!
Only problem i have is the photos of david bekham up the mancs are well mad for it and proud( bit like that)

morocco Sun 14-Aug-05 22:48:16

photos of David Beckham sounds a lot better than Hull FC on the windows for something to look at while waiting for that appointment. Now I'm all set on transferring there!

potty1 Sun 14-Aug-05 22:56:52

Don't know about Manchester fairyfly, but at Birmingham there's a shortage of technicians to do ECHO's and the some of cardio's have been doing their own. Maybe that's where the problem lies.

fairyfly Sun 14-Aug-05 23:00:40

oooh goodness i hope thats not true, i know my boys doctor hasn't bonded with him but i have with the doctor. He has looked after my baby since he was born. >cough< i was getting maudling

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