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Concerned about my sight, any Opticians out there ??

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jac34 Fri 12-Aug-05 18:36:11

I have a long history of eye problems,I've always been very short sighted, then about 16 years ago I had detached retinas in both eyes. The left eye was very bad and needed surgery, but the right eye only needed cryotherapy.
The treatment left me with very poor sight in my left eye, but quite good sight with glasses or contacts in my right eye.
Everything has been fine for years, but about a week ago I noticed a sudden change in the vision in my right eye(good eye).I've been on holiday, so went straight to my optician when I got home, but he's on holiday. Do I wait to see him in 10 days time, or try to get seen at my local eye hospital, which will only see you with a referal???
My sight is pretty bad and I'm struggling to even write this, any of you great Mumsneters have any advice??

puff Fri 12-Aug-05 18:56:41

Can you get an urgent referral via your gp jac?

jac34 Fri 12-Aug-05 19:34:50

I rang early today after going to the opticians, the best they could do was Monday morning, which is pretty good, but I'm seeing a locam and I'm a bit worried he'll just tell me to go to my optician, and I'll end up waiting another couple of weeks.
The receptionist at the eye hospital said another way was to go to A&E, but I don't know if thats panicking a bit much and over reacting.
However, I have been through all this before and KNOW when something is wrong.
Last time I got sent straight to the eye hospital by my optician,they ended up not letting me go home and admitting me there and then.
I did think of ringing NHS direct to ask their advice.

puff Fri 12-Aug-05 19:37:20

jac, I don't have experience of this, but from what you've said, your instincts are telling you to get seen fast, even if it's just to have your mind put at rest that it isn't an emergency iyswim. If it were me, I'd go to A&E rather than sit and worry about it.

jac34 Fri 12-Aug-05 19:42:27

Thanks Puff, I may wait till the morning, don't fancy A&E on a Friday night.
On the odd occasion I've been there on a Saturday morning with the kids,it's often quiet then.

puff Fri 12-Aug-05 19:44:12

Yes, forgot it was Fri night! Good luck, let us know how you get on .

KathH Fri 12-Aug-05 20:15:13

Definately A & E. Our hospital has a special eye A&E where you don't have to wait very long.

SaintGeorge Fri 12-Aug-05 20:27:39

A & E and sooner rather than later - especially with your history of previous problems.

puff Sat 13-Aug-05 20:12:56

How are you jac?

jac34 Sat 13-Aug-05 20:58:16

Thanks for asking Puff.
I went to A&E first thing this morning and got seen after a 3hour wait, by the on call opthamologyst.
He said it wasn't another detachment, but said there are some changes to the back of my eye. He listed a few conditions he thought it might be, but needs to run a few tests before making a diagnosis, so I'm going back on Wednesday for the tests. The condition he thinks it might be is called,"Fosters Fuchs", I've been looking on the net but can't seem to find any thing on it.
I'm pleased it's not a detachment, but still a bit concerned, I just hope they don't make a fuss at work with this week being my first week back after a three week holiday.

puff Sat 13-Aug-05 21:41:49

Glad you went jac - hopefully the problem will be monitored carefully.

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