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jofeb04 Fri 12-Aug-05 10:58:07

Hiya all,
Im suffering with extream SPD, cant walk or even move my legs at all etc. Im on Co-codamol, which isnt helping any more. However, I went to see the emergency doctor last week, who would not perscribe this tablet to me (I was origionally given it to me by my consultant), as he said that the codene in it can cause the baby to become slightly addicted to the tablet if on long term. Ive been on these tablets for about 10weeks now, and have another 7weeks left till my due date.
However, my GP has given these tablets to me before, and im seeing him this afternoon. Midwife has stated to ignore the advice by the doctor.
Whos right??

nailpolish Fri 12-Aug-05 11:25:08

codeine comes in many strengths, is yours a low dose? if its not working any more, then i dont see the point in taking it any longer. i think you should ask your gp if there is anything else you could take.

do you see the physio at all? i suffered from this and went to the physio regularly, had a 'belt' thing, nearly had to go on crutches, and they spoke of inducing me if it was completely unbearable (luckily i got through it)

best of luck, and take care

Kelly1978 Fri 12-Aug-05 11:28:09

I've been on co-codamol durign two of my pregnancies. The first time round I was given a months supply for pnuemonia, and my GP said it was perfectly safe to take, the only risk being dependancy for the baby. He didn't seem to think this was a problem at all, and said the baby was more at risk form me being ill than from the co-codamol.
The second time, was for my lung collapsing twice (twin pg). It took quite a while to reinflate, and I was on co-codamol for most of the final trimister of my pg. The consultant was quite happy to keep givign me medication and saw no problems with it. She refused a section at 37 weeks because of possible risks to baby, prefering to keep me on co-codamol instead, so she must have thought it very safe.
My babies were all fine, so if you ned the pain relief I would carry on taking it.

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