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Swollen lump after immunisations

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MamaMaiasaura Thu 11-Aug-05 22:49:37

ds had boosters yesterday and has a swollen area on one arm by injection site. feels hot to touch and is red. I am sure this is all normal but just wanted to check and see if anyone knew.

The nurse did give injections quick for obvious reasons - this is the arm that some of the stuff appeared to come back out of (she put it in lots faster than we are trained in other injections).

meggymoo Thu 11-Aug-05 22:50:55

Message withdrawn

mears Thu 11-Aug-05 22:51:06

Swelling is normal for a few days.

MamaMaiasaura Thu 11-Aug-05 22:58:44

thanks - that help to know less thing to panick about

Twiglett Thu 11-Aug-05 23:00:58

do not panic if his arm swells to twice its size (DS had one popeye arm after his pre-school booster of DTP) .. supposedly that is normal, albeit frightening, too

MamaMaiasaura Thu 11-Aug-05 23:02:08

ds does think his muscles got bigger bless him. Should i give him spinach? it was his dtp i think - mmr in other arm. He has had them late too.

Twiglett Thu 11-Aug-05 23:21:41

DS having his MMR tomorrow .. I'm slightly nervous as we went for singles for primaries

MamaMaiasaura Fri 12-Aug-05 09:54:12

hi twiglett - sorry didnt respond to your post. ds was fine with mmr combined although i know that this is a diff subject with strong emotions. Hope everything goes fine (sure it will). I treated ds for being brave afterwards.

MamaMaiasaura Fri 12-Aug-05 17:34:18

hi twiglett - how did mmr go? I have now spoken to practiice nurse as ds arm still very red, sore and hot to touch (mmr side) she has said to give him regular calpol and if no better by monday go in.

cod Fri 12-Aug-05 17:34:39

Message withdrawn

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