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Do I want to see a dietitian or a nutritionist?

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katymac Thu 11-Aug-05 21:38:02

I have decided after a very high cholesterol result combined with moderate (occasionaly incapacitating) IBS, that I need some real help.

I thought someone to look at my diet would be a good start as both Dr & practice nurse have been useless.

But I'm not sure who or what or even if I need to go more alternative...


KBear Thu 11-Aug-05 21:39:02

I would say a dietician but I'm not an expert. Have a mate who has IBS and Diverticular disease and he sees a dietician.

puff Thu 11-Aug-05 21:39:32

having been referred to a dietician through my gp and found it pretty useless, I'd say give a nutritionist a go.

katymac Thu 11-Aug-05 21:41:00

Puff, why was the dietician useless?

KBear is your friend helped by seeing the dietician?

KBear Thu 11-Aug-05 21:41:17

I would imagine a nutritionist advises on what you should eat to maintain good health but a dietician can advise on what you should or shouldn't eat to help certain medical conditions.

I will interested to find out....

KBear Thu 11-Aug-05 21:43:42

I think my friend WILL be helped by seeing the dietician but it early days (he was only in hospital last week).

He needs to see someone who will advise him on the importance about regular mealtimes and eating more fibre/the right kinds of food - basically because he doesn't listen to his wife!!

I will ask him what she said and let you know.

puff Thu 11-Aug-05 21:44:20

katymac, I was referred because of my weight at the time - no underlying medical conditions, unlike you, and it was a bit like going to see a weightwatchers rep. However, I think Kbear has a good point, in that dieticians are probably good when supporting people with specific medical conditions.

katymac Thu 11-Aug-05 21:53:28

I've already lost 54 lbs, and I thought my 'diet' (ie way of eating) was quite good.

However this cholesterol thing has come out of the blue, and all the things on the list I can eat will cause my IBS to flare up, and all the things I should give up are part of what I use to maintain a reasonable bowel situation

So I'm well confused

ruty Thu 11-Aug-05 22:01:36

i find the dietician my ds sees pretty useless. The nutritionist we saw [see the ION website] was far more knowledgeable and useful.

MummyPig Thu 11-Aug-05 22:24:58

I've found dietitians pretty useless when it came to both ds's food intolerances - they seemed to know less than I did having read one book and talked to other parents in internet discussion groups. I think they are fairly stretched so the information they can give is quite limited. I'm currently thinking of seeing a nutritional therapist but I wish there were a way of finding out how much of their training had a real scientific basis as I'm dubious about many of the courses.

Regarding the IBS, you might be interested in reading something by Dr Jonathan Brostoff and Linda Gamlin here is their most up-to-date book about food allergies and intolerances. (I have the Complete Guide but it's older.)

ruty Fri 12-Aug-05 13:23:31

i think the ION are pretty good - i don't go in for alternative remedies generally but the guy we saw was impressive.

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