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Referred by GP due to weak pelvic floor - what will happen at physio?

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yorkshirelass Thu 11-Aug-05 19:28:02

Hi, my 1st message on this board so please be gentle with me!

Since my DS was born 10 months ago, I have suffered from weak pelvic floor muscles - initially it was very bad but has now got to a point where I'm generally fine on a day to day basis, unless I have to run, cough etc although I'm unable to stop a wee mid-flow (sorry if TMI!!!)

Many thanks in advance.

I searched through the archives and it made me pluck up the courage to go and see my GP, who examined me and said there was some weakness and so has referred me for physio. I just wondered what I can expect when my appointment comes through? Also, this is our 1st child and we would like to have another, has anyone experienced problems like me and been ok during a subsequent pregnancy/birth or am I asking for trouble?

morningpaper Thu 11-Aug-05 19:37:26

You'll either be referred for a one-on-one session with a physio, in which case you will meet him/her and they will talk through things thoroughly, give you some exercises, and then see you in 4 weeks or so to see how things are progressing and give you more exercises.

OR you might be referred to the group classes for pelvic floor. I once peered in on one of these classes and there were about 100 people (no lie) lying on their backs with pillows - men, women, all ages. So it's a common problem!

yorkshirelass Thu 11-Aug-05 19:47:59

Thanks morningpaper, the thought of weeing in front of 100 people is a bit mortifying, but at least everyone's there for the same reason!!!

The GP also mentioned something about electronic devices to stimulate muscles, do you know what that might be?

morningpaper Thu 11-Aug-05 19:54:34

I'd imagine it's something similar to the tummy-toners that you can buy, which sends electronic pulses to stimulate the muscles. I have found that the physios are INCREDIBLY knowledgable about this sort of thing and will probably be able to give you loads of great advice. I'd take some questions so you remember what to ask. I'm sure you will have a one-on-one session with a physio to assess your situation before they send you off to squeeze your bits in front of 100 other people.

northender Thu 11-Aug-05 20:13:08

Don't worry, it shouldn't be at all scary! You should hopefully have been referred to a physio who specialises in "women's health" problems or continence problems (men & women). The first time they see you they will assess you and decide on the most appropriate treatment al of which they'll discuss with you. TBH it sounds like your symptoms are relatively mild and Exercise the most likely option. If that's the case they'll give you very specific instructions, no of reps etc. I don't think the class approach is that common though it would be interesting!! The electrical stimulation is a bit like the tummy toning machines obviously with electrodes in different places!! Still would have thought that would be unlikely due to mild symptoms. Hope that helps,good luck with it.

spacecadet Thu 11-Aug-05 20:34:11

hi, i have a dreadful pelvic floor and after baby number 3 was referred for physio, i was given a small device that fitted inside me which i had to practice with at home, i squeezed and it gave a reading, i also used to do this in clinic, the physion would leave me alone connected up to it and would set it on an appropriate level, then i was instructed to squeeze every time the reading nudged me too,a and it would show as a graph how well i was holding that squeeze, each session, it would get turned up a bit more, by the time i finished my sessions, i was much improved and went onto have another baby.

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