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desperatehousewife Thu 11-Aug-05 15:31:03

had DS hair cut yesterday by my mums neighbour. Only the second time in 3 years its ever been cut (slowest hair in the world). She told me he had some headlice eggs.

I was mortified! I never had nits as a kid and it's been one of the things I've been dreading!

I bought a crap nit comb which doesn't work, so ended up spending an hour while he was in the bath last night, picking every single egg out of his hair with my fingers.....bleugh - it was grim.

Any advice from anyone??!! (apart from, get a grip woman, he's a child, that's what children get)

bundle Thu 11-Aug-05 15:35:10

use conditioner (cheap stuff) with a drop of teatree oil in it in another 3 or 4 days and do some more combing in the bath. get one of the combs with v narrow gaps and use a piece of tissue on the side to wipe off the eggs/tiny bugs. oh and use bribery..

MarsLady Thu 11-Aug-05 15:44:35

and remember.... they come back again and again as long as your DS is in the company of other children.

Conditioner and comb through the best way!

sparklymieow Thu 11-Aug-05 15:45:40

Had to do dd1's hair again last night, she had lots of babies, so hopefully its all over now

chocolatequeen Thu 11-Aug-05 19:38:28

I've just read that combs are far better than treatments, as treatments are so weak nowadays (not like the poison we used to get put on our heads as kids!) that they just don't work. Natural remedies are lemon juice (not sure if you want a bleached blonde child though...) and vinegar, which apparently kills both eggs and nits.
Hope it helps!

Lonelymum Thu 11-Aug-05 19:41:55

Can I refer you to this thread?

And BTW, I well remember the humiliation of finding out my children were crawling with nits for the first time. I told a few people and was astounded by how common it was - all the nicest families in our village cheerfully owned up to having had them. You have entered a fun, but not very exclusive, club!

spidermama Thu 11-Aug-05 19:44:06

I can highly recommend the NITTY GRITTY comb which is much better than those plastic ones. Available on the internet or in trendy, expensive baby shops.

desperatehousewife Thu 11-Aug-05 19:44:57

thanks LM. Will look into lice attack!

I have also heard a good repellent is spritzed water with lavendar and tea tree oil in it...?

God, can't believe i've joined this grim club!!!!

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