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OCD - Can anyone recommend a book or website?

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IvortheEngine Thu 11-Aug-05 08:25:48

It sounds as though a friend's teenage daughter might have OCD. Can anyone recommend a book or a website for my friend or her daughter to refer to, please?

anchovies Thu 11-Aug-05 08:32:27

Strange but I was just about to ask the same thing! My friends boyfriend has just been diagnosed with OCD.

IvortheEngine Thu 11-Aug-05 08:41:33

You want to help your friend too, then. Funny how we both thought of MN for info, isn't it?

Feffi Thu 11-Aug-05 08:43:29

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

IvortheEngine Thu 11-Aug-05 08:49:22

Thanks Feffi. I'll look that up.

IvortheEngine Thu 11-Aug-05 09:01:08

I've just been on the Amazon website and have printed off the search results for that author to give to my friend. Thanks again.

WigWamBam Thu 11-Aug-05 09:03:11

The Imp of the Mind by Lee Baer is a useful book to read too.

IvortheEngine Thu 11-Aug-05 09:20:27

Thanks for that WWB. I've printed that search page off, too. Lots of choice there now.

mummytosteven Fri 19-Aug-05 21:47:42

agree with Imp of Mind and OCD Workbook. Also a good basic book by Frank Tallis. Anything by/coauthored by Lee Baer.

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