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Heat Rash

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snowball Fri 11-Jul-03 19:16:32

My son has what I assume is heat rash all over is chest and back ( tiny red pimples ). I've been giving him Piriton when he goes to bed but it just re-appears the next day. It doesn't seem to bother him but I just wondered if anyone had any ideas on how to get of it for good.

Tinker Fri 11-Jul-03 19:21:16

I think it'll just go away by itself. If he's not bothered by it, I wouldn't even give Piriton

codswallop Fri 11-Jul-03 19:22:34

I was once given some stuff caled RBC cream at a chemists - fantastic!Ds1 got really bad rashes last summer and this did the trick

SoupDragon Fri 11-Jul-03 19:23:34

Use natural fibres wherever possible. I agree with Tinker - if it's not bothering him, don't bother with the Piriton.

snowball Fri 11-Jul-03 19:27:27

Thanks for the quick response. Codswallop what is/in RBC cream? I'm worried that it might become itchy/sore if it continues. I'm probabley worrying about nothing.

codswallop Fri 11-Jul-03 19:50:23

did a google search on it to reassure myself it exists.
It was over the counter..

SamboM Fri 11-Jul-03 21:15:05

My dd has this on her upper arms and thighs, I think I'll try the RBC cream, though it doesn't bother her at all so maybe I should just leave it?

It does look unsightly though.

eidsvold Sun 13-Jul-03 11:01:21

My dd has quite bad heat rash and I used Lanacane medicated powder - helped keep the skin dry and was brilliant in clearing up the rash in no time. I checked with the pharmacist that it was fine to use with her. She had it quite badly on her back. Just smoothed the powder over her back a couple of times a day and it was great.

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