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Those on lactulose (tmi warning)

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Saacsmum Wed 10-Aug-05 04:05:10

Ok very brief history...ds has had chronic constipation for around 12 weeks, lactulose has been increased steadily and also started on Coloxil on Thurs last, ended up having fleet and an enema on Saturday. Advised to stop coloxil on Monday. Anyway has had bm on Monday and then a huge sloppy mess today and I mean huge, should I decrease the lactulose again or just wait and see what happens? He is 10.5months old

kid Wed 10-Aug-05 07:10:03

Were you advised to decrease the lactulose? If not, I'd continue with it for a few more days and see how things go. You wouldn't want to have to go back to Coloxil and another enema. Is it possible for you to speak to a Dr to see what they think?

DD had lactulose when she was about 6 months old, but she only had about 3 or 4 doses of it and was then fine.

Saacsmum Wed 10-Aug-05 10:56:35

To be honest we were at the point where nobody was expecting it to work! We have had poohing before with lactulose but not like this, it was like toxic waste dont want to push him too far the other way and trade one pooh problem for another, but as you say no way do we want to end up with coloxil and enema's again either, will take your advise and see what happens over next couple of days and call paed.

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