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Copper coil - be brutally honest

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I have thought alot alot about contraception and I think what want to go for is the copper coil. Condoms - I don't trust myself to be honest to use them 100%, the pill partially the same, also I would rather not have contraception I have to think about all the time time. The thing going for the pill was in mainly stops ovulation, rather than stops implantation which is what I'd prefer, but I have found out the copper coil mainly prevents sperm getting near the egg in the first place over the merina which mainly stops implantation. Also, I hate the idea of taking anything weirdy and hormoney if that makes sense and am I right in thinking that copper is abit of a less unbalancing way of contraception hormone wise? I have heard about heavy periods, but I could cope with that I recon if that's one of the downsides - I am not fussed on having them stop totally or anything. Also, apart from all the bad points, are they easy to get? All I hear about is the merina thingy so was wondering if I can even get a copper one anymore, and if I can 'demand' it I guess. I would travel or pay if it came to it, if it's as good as what I can gather. Have I got this all right? Is copper coil the way to go? Or will it muck me up totally and there is a million and one horror stories I have yet to come across? If it makes any difference I do want more children Thanks

Seona1973 Sun 06-Jun-10 20:21:24

netdoctor give info on the coil (IUD). You could ask your gp or try a family planning clinic to get it.

ShowOfHands Sun 06-Jun-10 20:30:05

You can just request it. Your GP or the fpc will fit it for you. I've had one since January. My periods were much, much heavier and longer at first. Slowing down a bit now but still a good 9 days compared to the 5/6 before I had it fitted. I have also had some mid-cycle spotting (normal apparently) but that's stopped now. I do like that I don't have to think about it, it's in and there and apart from checking the threads occasionally, I can forget about it for 10 years if I like. I don't really like the heavier periods but they're becoming more manageable. I have heard a mooncup is a good option when you have a coil.

It was sore when first fitted and I was bloated and crampy. Occasionally I can 'feel' it. At certain times of the month it randomly seems to scratch inside me. Doesn't hurt though. Just a bit odd.

iloveasylumseekers Sun 06-Jun-10 20:33:30

about 10% of coils i fit are copper coils. I had one myself. periods def more painful and a bit heavier but not massively so.

Bert2e Sun 06-Jun-10 20:39:14

I had one fitted in the summer and love it! I feel so much better w/o the artificial hormones. Yes periods are heavier - but then I'd been on the pill so long I'd forgotten what a real one was like - but nothing a Moon Cup can't cope with. I've not noticed that they are more painful. Best of all I'm all sorted now contraception wise for 8 years!

JackBauerHas2HoursLeft Sun 06-Jun-10 20:44:15

I have a copper coil, I did react weirdly at first, came out in hormone rash aroudn chin (attractive) and my periods were heavier but they are a lot lighter now a year later.
My coils have gotten 'lost' though, I had a coil check at my smear and the nurse, and doctor couldn't find them. I had to have a scan to locate it and the woman said that she has loads of women in to locate their coils, sometimes still in place (which mine is) soemtimes 'wandered off' hmm
SO it's not 100%.

However, I have stuck with it because I like not having to think about it, also have a mooncup and I cope fine.

Beetroot Sun 06-Jun-10 20:46:26

I have had a copper T for 10 years and it works just fine [smile NOT sure if they recomend it if you are still wanting kids though

2old4thislark Sun 06-Jun-10 20:47:29

I had a copper coil for about 2 years and the periods and PMT were horrendous. I am on my second Mirena (really need to change it for number 3) so that's nearly 11 years of period free and PMT free bliss.

Obviously everyone is different but if the choice is heavy, painful periods or no periods it seems like an easy choice!

ShowOfHands Sun 06-Jun-10 20:48:25

I am planning more children. FPC said it was fine.

CarGirl Sun 06-Jun-10 20:51:22

I think you've got it the wrong way around.

The copper coil stops implantation/causes early miscarriage, the mirena coil prevents proper ovulation/fertilisation/embryos due to the hormones being released

ShowOfHands Sun 06-Jun-10 20:54:01

CarGirl is right I think.

GiraffeYoga Sun 06-Jun-10 20:54:29

I had a copper coil, placed by my gynae consultant who was helping with my PCOS in preparation for planning kids in the future.

It was excellent for me and I'd recommend it to anyone.

I chose it because I'd started to get regular cycles for the first time ever & I dont react well to artifical hormones and I also didnt want to risk my cycles going haywire again.

I had it for exactly 2 years. Had it removed and was pregnant 3 wks later (out of choice!)

I'd say slightly more pain but no heavy issues for me. I will have another fitted after I've finished having children.

Good luck!

GiraffeYoga Sun 06-Jun-10 20:55:46

Cargirl is right.

Copper coil just creates foreign body in womb that prevents implantation- AFAIK. Im not a medic!

going Sun 06-Jun-10 20:59:00

I have one and some months get really bad PMT. Also I mc'd but didn't realise until I saw a huge clot and realised what it was. Still have it in as think it's unlikely to happen again.

GiraffeYoga Sun 06-Jun-10 21:08:15

Dont see how a copper coil can have any influence on PMT. More likely to be diet/lifstyle related.

From what I read (but they always make it sound wishy washy and great) I understood the copper coil prevented the sperm reaching the egg (by killing them off with the copper I guess?) and secondary to that prevented implantation, whereas the mirena mainly prevented implantation and sometimes stopped ovulation

Copper :
An IUD stops sperm from reaching the egg. It does this by releasing copper into the body, which changes the make-up of the fluids in the womb and fallopian tubes. These changes prevent sperm from fertilising eggs. IUDs may also stop fertilised eggs from travelling along the fallopian tubes and implanting in the womb.

The IUS releases the hormone progestogen, which is similar to the natural hormone progesterone that is produced in a woman's ovaries. This prevents pregnancy by stopping fertilised eggs from becoming embedded in the womb.

It does this by making the lining of the womb thinner so it is less likely to accept a fertilised egg. It also thickens the mucus from the cervix (opening of the womb), making it harder for sperm to move through it and reach an egg.

In some women, the IUS also stops the ovaries from releasing an egg (ovulation), but most women will continue to ovulate.

I have heard about affects of hormone contraception, just no idea if all this copper was any better confused

2old4thislark Sun 06-Jun-10 21:18:47

giraffeyoga simple - no periods - no PMT!
I went straight from a copper coil to a mirena and it was like I was given my life back.

GiraffeYoga Sun 06-Jun-10 21:33:34

Dont get your point there. Someone said they get worse PMT on a coppercoil from month to month. That cant be related to the coil- its your natural status.

A coppper coil doesnt F with your hormones, mirena does. To me, that makes a copper coil= bliss!

whomovedmychocolate Sun 06-Jun-10 21:34:42

You will have no snails in your fadge. HTH grin

2old4thislark Sun 06-Jun-10 21:39:09

Having PMT might be my natural status but by having the Mirena and having no periods I don't get any PMT either. I think that the PMT was worse when the perios were heavier with the copper coil though.

All I know is that when I had the copper coil I was hell on earth and probably would have done something bad enough to become a newspaper headline!

This is just my experience.

pregnantpeppa Sun 06-Jun-10 21:44:45

My periods became hellishly heavy with the copper coil, (and they are not usually very heavy at all, can't imagine how much worse if you normally had heavy periods). Then the bloody thing got lost in my fanjo and I had to have it found and removed under a general (and wait 4 months for this). So I would not have it again personally.

GiraffeYoga Sun 06-Jun-10 21:46:27

Suppose everyone is different. Glad for everyone's sake that the mirena works for you grin

GiraffeYoga Sun 06-Jun-10 21:47:15

Pregnant peppa- what an awful experience, sorry you went through that..

Hamkin Sun 06-Jun-10 22:20:15

I love my copper coil. Had it for two years now. My periods are heavier, but only for a couple of days. They don't last any longer than they used to before the coil either.

I previously had a mirena coil fitted which did not agree with me. Been bliss since I had the copper one fitted. I do get PMT though - but this can't be related to the coil as there are no hormones in it.

UniS Sun 06-Jun-10 22:26:11

copper has been working fine for me for 4 yrs. I'm less mood swingy than when on the pill. Less period pain. Heavier period, normally 2 heavy days out of 6, when I used to be 5 fairly light days. some mid cycle spotting but that isn't every month.
Waiting for Dh to have 2 all clears post snip before I have it removed and see if periods go back to lighter.

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