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how soon after giving birth can i have a smear test?

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hoxtonchick Tue 09-Aug-05 20:35:37

dd is 6 weeks old. i need to have a smear test, & am also going to have a coil fitted in the near future. does anyone know if i can have both done at the same time, or do i have to leave my cervix for longer to settle down after giving birth? i remember i had the same timing issue after i had ds, but it was 3.5 years ago & my mind is a blank. tia.

franke Tue 09-Aug-05 20:36:14

I had one at 6 weeks.

motherinferior Tue 09-Aug-05 20:37:34

I think you have to leave it - although I was supposed to have one just after having DD1 and only got out of it by bursting into horrified tears when they advanced towards me with that vile DIY thingywossname. Seriously, I don't think your cells are back to normal yet.

Coil I don't know. Never been able to face them.

Flossam Tue 09-Aug-05 20:39:19

had mine at 6 weeks. ow.

Magscat Tue 09-Aug-05 20:44:57

GP advised 3 months so that's what I did

Twiglett Tue 09-Aug-05 20:58:56

6 months I thought

Tipex Tue 09-Aug-05 20:59:49

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Kidstrack2 Tue 09-Aug-05 21:02:10

They do your smear and fit the coil at your 6wk postnatal check in my area!

Tipex Tue 09-Aug-05 21:03:41

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Kidstrack2 Tue 09-Aug-05 21:08:31

Oh I see, sounds sensible then. That reminds me I really must book a smear!

hoxtonchick Tue 09-Aug-05 21:09:44

thanks all. quite a range of opinions. am going to try & get the coil this week as we're away for a couple of weeks from the weekend & i really don't want to get pregnant (i'm breastfeeding so it's unlikely, but still, not worth the risk), so will ask the dr/nurse who does that. i'm already a few months overdue for the smear, but have never had any problems so imagine i'm ok to leave it for a few more months.

motherinferior Tue 09-Aug-05 21:11:10

HC, you are such a slapper. Holidays and sex at six weeks.

hoxtonchick Tue 09-Aug-05 21:26:27

had to make sure everything was still working MI .

kid Tue 09-Aug-05 21:35:14

HC - look here

and get to bed, you said you were having an early night!

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