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Hand Foot and Mouth on legs and arms as well

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Chuffed Tue 09-Aug-05 19:45:19

went to pick dd up this afternoon from nursery and they informed me that they think they have an outbreak of hand foot and mouth. Took her straight to the dr with another parent and the dr wasn't sure whether dd's spots look like hand foot and mouth as they are all over her legs and appearing on her arms as well. The thing is the spots look like the photos I have seen on the internet look more like what she has and the chicken pox ones look so much bigger.
Has anybodies dd/ds had HFM appear on many more areas than that. She doesn't seem to be itchy but hasn't really been herself for the last couple of days.

Chuffed Wed 10-Aug-05 08:05:05

Bump - has anybody seen this?

LilacLotus Wed 10-Aug-05 08:12:32

DD only had it on her fingers, toes and bottom.

triceratops Wed 10-Aug-05 08:16:28

It is possible for it to come out anywhere. The clincher is the sore mouth with does not occur with chicken pox usually. Hand foot and mouth is painful and unpleasant but does not last long. ds had it three times while he was at nursery (different strains).

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