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daughter had protectived coating put on teeth yesterday

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cutekids Tue 09-Aug-05 15:43:24

my little girl had a protective coating put on her back teeth yesterday-she had the first lot done about 6 months ago with no problems but yesterday she was having pain when she was eating so i took her straight back to the dentist.Unfortunately, i think our dentist is only new to the game and he wasn't very nice about it. he was cursing to the nurse when i got there-i'm a normal,pleasant mum and i don't moan unless i have to,so i don't really know what his problem was-and she seemed a little embarrassed by his behaviour. Anyway, eventually his superior came into the room and looked at her teeth and said that he couldn't see a problem and that all being well the pain would go away. Should I just let it go and see if it wears off or should I go straight back?

cutekids Tue 09-Aug-05 15:57:03


cutekids Tue 09-Aug-05 15:58:48

cutekids Tue 09-Aug-05 16:01:09

that should have been: {angry}

cutekids Tue 09-Aug-05 16:02:36

I'm obviously not any good at this am I?!
I meant:

cutekids Tue 09-Aug-05 16:03:35

anybody there?

moondog Tue 09-Aug-05 16:07:14

I am! Read with interest as I have an office next door to a woman who organises this in my neck of the woods. They take a mobile unit into schools and do it. She said she can't believe the state of some of the teeth. A lot of the kids don't even have a toothbrush.

Don't know about the pain though,unfortunately.
What a horrid man your dentist sounds!

cutekids Tue 09-Aug-05 16:13:53

Well, the reason my daughter had it done wasn't because she doesn't have a toothbrush!!!I actually insist on cleaning all my kids'teeth, it just happened that the very back of her teeth were a "weak spot" that our last dentist-who was very young but lovely and she was really lovely with the kids-wanted to help with. She was concerned that she could get a build of plaque and cause herself alot of problems. All this dentist did was tell me off for letting my kids suck their thumbs and warn me that if my eldest daughter carried on she would end up "having an operation which involves alot of headgear etc."!!!!I think the nurse was cringeing when he said it.He didn't have a clue how to reassure me that everything would be alright. No fillings though for any of them!!

moondog Tue 09-Aug-05 16:24:51

Oh wasn't suggesting anything about your parenting style!!!
(He still sounds horrid though!)

cutekids Tue 09-Aug-05 16:26:20

I wasn't suggesting you were!

robinia Tue 09-Aug-05 16:33:45

My dd and ds1 have had this done as a routine thing. All the children in our surgery are offered it (fissure sealants they're called) and they're especially recommended if the fissures in their teeth are deep. No pain afterwards although I would say that if the dentist wasn't very good he may well have poked a bit of gum with his prodder thing and made it sore. Probably will get better of its own accord but if not obviously go back (and ask to see a different dentist.)

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