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No poo all day, dramatic explosion at night

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franch Tue 09-Aug-05 10:42:53

Had this the last couple of days with DD (18m). She's always been very regular, about 3 times a day. Last few mornings (after empty nappies all day) I've gone in and the cot's been covered in poo - the nappies just can't cope. All up her back, down her legs, all over her toys, pillow, even on the carpet (I suspect she may have vomited too). The poo is very light-coloured.

Any clues? Obviously I'll see the GP if it goes on, but what do I feed her in the meantime to try and get her tummy back to normal? She normally has a lot of fruit and veg - not sure whether to restrict this for a bit or not?

bobbybob Tue 09-Aug-05 10:46:39

Does it look like cake mixture?

franch Tue 09-Aug-05 10:52:27

Yeah I guess it does a bit, bobbybob

bobbybob Tue 09-Aug-05 10:56:52

Explosive pale poo is a sign that fats aren't being absorbed properly. She could have a virus which is causing this.

I would avoid dairy products for a couple of days and strengthen her gut with probiotics.

franch Tue 09-Aug-05 11:07:17

Thanks bb

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