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DS first two top teeth dont look straight

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mum2sam Tue 09-Aug-05 09:58:25

Im really worried about ds two top teeth as im not sure if they are growing down straight and they also seem wide apart. On my side of the family we do have a gap between our two top teeth but ds looks huge. I also had to wear a brace but I always thought that was due to me being a thumb sucker as all the rest of my family have straight teeth.Ds has never had a dummy because of this. I prob seem really silly but ds not having perfect teeth has been my biggest worry as i dont want him to go through what i had to go through has a teenager.I was hoping he would inherit dh smile.

TracyK Tue 09-Aug-05 10:11:39

The gap will reduce as more teeth develop and push them together. Not sure about the straight part. My ds teeth aren't straight along the ridges - iykwim. But to be honest - no point in worrying about it - we can't change it can we!

eefs Tue 09-Aug-05 10:23:36

ds2 has teeth all over the shop, poor little man. He doesn't care now and there's nothing we can do until his adult teeth are in and he can get a brace. Try not to let your ds know you're worried about his teeth - nothing you can do about it now except give him a complex. Are they adult or milk teeth?

Carla Tue 09-Aug-05 10:27:51

dd1's teeth are seriously wide apart - so much so that in her check up the dentist asked if she sucked her thumb. She doesn't , but until the day after tomorrow she's had a dummy

Her friend at school had her adult teeth growing behind her milk ones, but now they're out she has beautiful teeth.

Had serious gaps myself, but I finally gave up the rag I used to suck at seventeen !!!! and they look ok now. But have substituted the rag, it seems, for grinding my teeth ....

Don't worry about it. My niece, who's 16, BEGGED her mum/her dentist for a brace, but the dentist refused. I think you'll find they're quite the rage at the mo

mum2sam Tue 09-Aug-05 21:53:49

They are milk teeth so hopefully they will be ok. I know I shouldnt worry as ds is a beautiful healthy baby and thats all that should matter. Anyway my biggest problem now is trying to register him under a nhs dentist-knitemare!

chicagomum Tue 09-Aug-05 22:22:30

spacing in baby teeth is preferable to them being close together as adult teeth are much larger (ie if a child has spaces in the first set they are less likely to have a prob with crowding (and therefore needing a brace) with the adult teeth occasionally a space between the two upper front teeth can be as a resultt of the muscle attatchment inside the upper lip (the piece of gum you can feel between the inside of your lip and top jaw) being to far down and preventing the teeth coming close together, this can either alter as the child grows or can be surgically reposition (very minor proceedure) later on when the child is older)

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