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TIPS on Giving Medicine to Toddler ?

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lovinit Mon 08-Aug-05 07:06:59

I ama bout to travel on a long haul and plan to give Phenergan to my 2 year old to help her sleep ... Any tips on how to admister this on the plane without causing a scene ???!!!

mumtosomeone Mon 08-Aug-05 07:09:46

wouldnt it be best to give before you get on?
mine take medicine fine so cant really help!

Bethron Mon 08-Aug-05 07:09:51

Message withdrawn

angelp Mon 08-Aug-05 07:23:28

We use a springe and bribery afterwards like a sweet or chocolate. And if worst comes to worst then just prise open mouth and squirt!

Have read on here that you should try phenergan first as it sends some kids hyper rather than knock them out! Plus I think as mumtosomeone said you should do it before get on plane to give time to work

angelp Mon 08-Aug-05 07:23:48

syringe that is!

mumtosomeone Mon 08-Aug-05 07:33:36

enjoy your flight!!

treacletart Mon 08-Aug-05 08:38:10

A syringe and a hand puppet do the trick for us

mckenzie Mon 08-Aug-05 12:14:39

what about giving medicine to a 5 month old?(sorry to hyjack your thread lovinit)
We are really struggling and have tried spoon, syringe and teat!

mckenzie Tue 09-Aug-05 11:07:45


Littlefish Tue 09-Aug-05 14:57:39

I'm sure I've seen a sort of dummy which you can pre-fill with medecine and then squirt once it is in your child's mouth. It might have been in the PHP catalogue (perfectly happy people) which is also available on-line.

We tried the two-man-tag team approach of dh with syringe and me with dummy to shove in so that dd couldn't spit out the medicine. It worked well for us.

mckenzie Tue 09-Aug-05 19:38:50

thanks littlefish. will give your suggestion a try tomorrow.

lapsedrunner Tue 09-Aug-05 19:53:11

Use the syringe they provide in the infant Neurofen bottle, it works a treat.

mckenzie Tue 09-Aug-05 21:40:51

DD struggles as soon as she sees the medicine bottle, the spoon, the syringe or even Dh and I together as I think she's cottoned on to the fact that both of us near her means medicine or eye drops. Bless her.

basketcase Tue 09-Aug-05 21:55:34

as ours will eat fromage frais till the cows come home and regardless of how they are feeling, we always hide meds (usually calpol) in the top half of a little pot of fromage frais. Never had any trouble with this method and avoids that extra stickiness of spat out calopl

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