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Erythromycin - dreadful stomach ache

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Weegle Wed 26-May-10 05:40:53

I was prescribed Erythromycin on Monday for an infected cyst in my eye - I've not yet completed two full days of a ten day course and I am literally doubled over in agony from a stomach ache. Does anyone know anything I can do to make this better? I'm loathe to stop the AB's as my eye is awful in itself and very painful, but I can't function I'm in so much pain with my stomach - it's radiating in to my back and I feel sick too.

thumbwitch Wed 26-May-10 06:04:37

It is well known for having effects on the gastrointestinal system but you do sound quite unwell with it. I would phone your GP asap and ask what you should do. They should be open in 3 hours. Otherwise, if you need advice sooner, phone NHS direct or your out of hours service.

thumbwitch Wed 26-May-10 06:06:14

Read this page first - if you have any of the severe side effects then phone the doc asap.

noddyholder Wed 26-May-10 06:52:47

i REALLY SYMPATHISE I had this and it was awful I neber found anything to make it better unfortunately I just got used to it.It came in a pattern and i kind of braced myself.Agree re doctors again in case yours is more severe but dp says he had never seen me so ill and I have been ill over the years!

magso Wed 26-May-10 08:09:59

Are your capsules gastro resistant? Erythromycin always upsets me - so I have to have the gastro resistant coated ones (am sensitive to penicillin) and take after or with food. Also I cannot tolerate a high dose so have to have that adjusted. Agree see the GP- today. Perhaps there is an alternative?

Trafficcone Wed 26-May-10 08:11:35

I'm afraid to say it gave me violent D&V each time I took it, but it did work quickly.

Northernlurker Wed 26-May-10 08:18:14

This happened to dh - was awful. As the child of a nurse and a pharmacist he was also loth to stop the ABs but they were making him terribly ill. He went to see the doctor again the next day and got prescribed a slightly different one - began with a C - he can say it but I can't spell it. Anyway that was absolutely fine. You do need to get some others. It's quite right you shouldn't usually only take part of a course but that doesn't mean you should take something which is actually making you unwell!

Bucharest Wed 26-May-10 08:21:14

My Mum can't take any penicillin based antibiotics as they have her doubled up with stomach cramps- she's not allergic to penicillin per se, they just have this effect on her. (like magso describes I presume)

Hullygully Wed 26-May-10 08:27:51

Made me vom, had to have different ones.

pinkypanther Wed 26-May-10 08:31:45

I had this problem as well when I had Erythromycin for mastitis - terrible colic like stomach pain then retching. I went back to the GP and got Clarithromycin instead, which did the same job but without the stomach problems.

Hope you feel better soon.

Bucharest Wed 26-May-10 08:33:11

Ah now, clairythromyacin made me feel like my innards were being pulled out. <helpful>

Weegle Wed 26-May-10 17:00:16

thanks for the support everyone, have come off them and seeing GP again tomorrow. Stomach still not right but less crampy already.

Northernlurker Wed 26-May-10 18:32:40

I think it was Clarithromycin that dh had. I hope you get sorted out with something tomorrow.

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