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are these dizzy spells panic attacks?

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essbee Fri 05-Aug-05 23:57:06

Message withdrawn

expatkat Sat 06-Aug-05 00:04:58

I have these symptoms w/ panic attacks--not the hot/cold thing though--but I usually recognize a feeling of anxiety in there too. . .or sometimes I just think I'm dying and refuse to believe it's a panic attack (but that's fairly typical of panic attacks). So I don't know. . .are you on meds which could be causing strange side effects? Maybe mention to the gp. A classic panic attack only lasts a few minutes--like 10 MAX. An hour is strange. . .but I don't pretend to be an expert.

lovecloud Sat 06-Aug-05 00:06:55

I suffer from panic attacks, made me agrophobic for years but now i know how to deal with them and it does not sound like a panic attack, a panic attack is basically what you have
you panic, feel extreme terror that soemthing awfuk is about to happen, with me i thought i was about to faint, have a fit or die! i would start shaking, sweating, fidgeting, i would without realising it hold my breath which made me feel dizzy, my throat would go dry and i could not swallow. i would go into flight/fight mode where i feel an extreme urge to escaoe and get out of whereever i was or situation by running etc.. you definitley would feel fear!

i think you should go to you gp and get checked out as your symptoms could be related to many things.

ps. one time i thought i was about to have a panic attack i had all the symptoms but not the fear exceopt of course oi thoughht i might faint, i found out later that day that i was pregnant so maybe you are?


essbee Sat 06-Aug-05 00:08:57

Message withdrawn

essbee Sat 06-Aug-05 00:11:02

Message withdrawn

essbee Sat 06-Aug-05 00:13:08

Message withdrawn

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