Bleeding after coloscopy and biopsy - normal?

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TheChicOfIt Sun 23-May-10 09:43:07

I had a colposcopy and biopsy done on Thursday afternoon, and had some brownish discharge afterwards. On the Friday night/Saturday morning, I had some fresh red bleeding - not "heavy" as such but enough to be visible in the toilet water (Ie not just on the toilet paper/pad). I have had pinkish/light red discharge since then.
I have had a colposcopy before and I don't remember it being like this. I also feel a bit crampy.

However, it is 4 weeks since my last period, so theoretically I am due, though my periods normally come about every 5-6 weeks.

Not sure what to do as I googled and it said that if you have fresh red blood to contact the GP, however being a weekend it's not really possible.

Shall I wait until tomorrow and make an appointment?

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LynetteScavo Sun 23-May-10 09:45:52

Hmmm....I don't remember it being like that either. Do you normally get cramps when you have your period?

There's no chance you could be pg, is there?

TheChicOfIt Sun 23-May-10 09:52:25

Hmm, no I don't think so.....I'd be pretty shocked if I was!!
Yes I normally get cramps, but I've not really got the symptoms of a normal period IYSWIM?
Just not really sure if I should leave it or bother the docs about it.

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rabbitstew Sun 23-May-10 11:49:22

Well, it wouldn't bother me - certainly not enough to contact a doctor over the weekend. I think it's quite normal to get light bleeding and mild cramping for a couple of days after a biopsy. If the biopsy was also the treatment - eg done by lletz, rather than just a little nip out of your cervix - then bleeding afterwards would be even more normal and could go on for quite some time - ie possibly weeks rather than days. If it gets heavier from now on rather than lighter, though, or starts to smell, or the cramping gets worse, then go back to the GP asap. I've had 2 lletz treatments - I bled for a few days after the first one, and for a couple of months after the second one (which was quite deep and went up into the cervical canal where, apparently, I was very "vascular"). I was very miffed when I found out the 2nd treatment hadn't actually been necessary!!!!!

BelaLugosiNoir Sun 23-May-10 20:52:28

Did the colposcopy unit staff give you a leaflet with follow up/aftercare instructions because generally they do/are supposed to.
Some bleeding does happen, the fresher blood may the biospy site re-opening slightly or having the treatment could have brought on yoru period.
Rabbitstew ~ agree very sensible, if gets worse etc see your GP.

TheChicOfIt Mon 24-May-10 10:03:12

Hi there
No it wasn't treatment that I had - just a biopsy. He did seem to take a lot longer to take the biopsy and also stop the bleeding than the consultant I saw 6 months ago. I'm not saying he wasn't as good - the whole thing just felt a lot more uncomfortable in general.

I was not given any advice - verbal or written - after the procedure. I will make sure I ask next time.

The heavier bleeding does seem to have gone, though it does keep switching between light brown and pink - perhaps where it is reopening slightly? It does seem to go pink again after I go for a long walk or go to the toilet blush.

I can definitely tell that my period is coming, though I am 99% certain that this is not it.

Thank you for all your replies smile.

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Joanne199128 Sat 21-Mar-20 00:12:25

**hi I had a biopsy yesterday and I'm having red bleeding but it is only coming out when I pee and wipe I did get told it shouldn't be heavy bleeding but more like spotting :/ but this seems alot too me quite worrying tbh I hope it doesnt get heavier as I'll have to ring my gp about it I have been taking norethisterone also but it iant helping much

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