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Lou33 - check your prescription, just in case

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edam Fri 05-Aug-05 20:58:05

Hi Lou

I started another thread in health called shocking GP... check your prescription. Don't know what medicine you take, but the powers that be are trying to change people to generic anticonvulsants. Which, as you probably know already, may have the same active ingredient but are not necessarily the same drug - different bioavailability and all that. Pharmacist dispensed the generic version to me, with no warning, much less discussion or consent, much less bothering to check with my GP or consultant. Have sorted it out now but it has taken all day. Please do watch your prescription carefully... and if you are on lamotrigine, insist they specify the brand name. In fact if you are epilim, important to stay on the particular one you take and not let any b*gger mess you around either. Not sure about the others but I suspect similar issues.

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