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advice about antibiotics please

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lynny70 Fri 05-Aug-05 12:34:42

Message deleted

BeachedWhale Fri 05-Aug-05 12:49:04

many sympathies lynny. I've been through similar myself after DD was born and it isn't very nice is it? I'm sorry but I don't have any real advice except to drink loads of water to flush out the bugs and cranberry juice can help too. But you probably know that already.
I would go back to the docs to see if you possibly need a different type of antibiotic if you are still feeling pain passing urine. Sounds like the infection is still there.
When I got to my 4th lot of AB's the doc said she would refer me to a urologist if it didn't clear up but thankfully it didn't come to that.
I think the bladder gets very irritated by the effects of pregnancy and birth and with me it seemed to all settle down after a few months.
Hope you feel better soon.

lynny70 Fri 05-Aug-05 13:05:09

Message deleted

nailpolish Fri 05-Aug-05 13:09:49

lynny, have you given a sample for the doc to send to the lab? this will determine the specific antibiotic that you should be taking. penecillin is a universal ab, but this may not be the right one

get well soon

lynny70 Fri 05-Aug-05 13:33:56

Message deleted

nailpolish Fri 05-Aug-05 13:36:40

if you have backache the infection may be in your kidneys. could you please call the gp and make an appointment NOW

Aimsmum Fri 05-Aug-05 13:37:03

Message withdrawn

nailpolish Fri 05-Aug-05 13:38:24

and make sure he sends off a urine sample

lynny70 Fri 05-Aug-05 13:43:49

Message deleted

fifilala Fri 05-Aug-05 14:33:23

can I just add - make sure you get your urine checked after antibiotics aswell to ensure all cleared up (especially if having repeated antibiotics.)

lynny70 Fri 05-Aug-05 20:08:23

Message deleted

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