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ebbie22 Thu 04-Aug-05 23:39:30

Really embarrased,but am 22 wks pregnant and had a check up at docs weds,found protein in sample but blood pressure ect fine.
Tonite,have found that both of the skin between my flaps[Sorry tmi} and leg is REALLY swollen,with what feels like a lump under right one.......
I thought maybe it was a stretch mark appearing but looked tonight and no sign of one....
What the hell could it be?

alexsmum Thu 04-Aug-05 23:43:50

please don't stress too much. i'm sure it's nothing to do with the protein in your wee- honestly! could even be a spot brewing or a blocked hair follicle or something. I once went o a womens health clinic absolutely distraught because i had found a lump down there onlty to have the doctor say ' this? its a spot'!{grin] never felt so relieved in my life!
maybe go and see your mw tomorrow to put your mind at rest.

ebbie22 Thu 04-Aug-05 23:50:34

Its my dh bday tomorrow and supposed to be going out to c noddy....It doesnt hurt loads just aches...Feel silly phoning midwife,as she is not the most helpful.....should i wait til monday?

ebbie22 Thu 04-Aug-05 23:58:48

gotta go to sleep now,but pls if anyone knows i will try and check in the morn...t.i.a

alexsmum Fri 05-Aug-05 00:08:04

def phone midwife tomorrow-its her job to put your mind at rest. if you don't call tommorow you will just stress.

Aragon Fri 05-Aug-05 00:13:35

ebbie, I know you're going to sleep now so won't see this till morning but as an ex-midwife I can say this sounds like swollen blood vessels.
When you're pg all the hormones you release in your blood cause a general relaxation effect on veins, muscles etc. This is why it's much easier to injure yourself when pg. The lump could be a bulgy vein or just very dilute blood vessels (which may be less dilute and less palpable at other times). It's nothing to worry about and will go once you've given birth. Protein in your urine is okay if your blood pressure is fine.

jalopy Fri 05-Aug-05 07:54:24

Agree with aragon, could be a vaginal varicose vein caused by the pregnancy. Poor you.

ebbie22 Fri 05-Aug-05 08:33:39

Thanks for the replys,should i see midwife/doctor or leave it as nothing to worry bout?Now very sore but not sure if pain is all in my head,i.u.s.w.i.m......

ebbie22 Sat 06-Aug-05 11:07:47

I saw the doctor but he was useless,and didnt tell me anything,just said,yes a little red{more like as big as balls.......
Gave me antiboitics and told me to phone on weds to get results incase of an infection.....

ebbie22 Sat 13-Aug-05 19:48:47

Bump pls....Is there anything that will stop it aching?

milesysgirl Sat 13-Aug-05 20:11:53

thought id just bump it for you hun...

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