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heart problems and teeth, how urgent?

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fairyfly Thu 04-Aug-05 10:01:38

could anyone tell me how urget it is to get you child to the dentist if he has knocked his tooth out and has a heart problem, thanks

ks Thu 04-Aug-05 10:07:47

Message withdrawn

highlander Thu 04-Aug-05 11:25:41

depends on the heart problem - I guess you're worried about the risk of endocarditis? If so, a bolus of antibiotic from your GP ASAP I would have thought

jampots Thu 04-Aug-05 11:30:43

based on the fact that antibiotics are given about 20 mins before dental work I would say just pop along to your GP and explain the situation. He will surely give them straight away.

noddyholder Thu 04-Aug-05 11:40:13

I usually take the antibiotics at least 1/2 hr before treatment and also take some after.I'm sure the gp will give them if its urgent What type of heart problem as they don't all need a/bs

piffle Thu 04-Aug-05 11:46:12

we ask our gp for dd's ones she takes them about 20 mins before treatment
Have you got the endocarditiis card it usally has instructions for your personal situation to follow?

Joanie Thu 04-Aug-05 11:58:45

Had similar prob with my DS, but he banged teeth crooked (lots of blood) rather than knocked them out. Phoned Dr for advice and they had a special 'community dentist' who specialises in seeing people and children with other health problems, so was quite used to seeing ones with heart probs. Saw us as an emergency within an hour. All dentists are aware of endocariatus (sp)and can prescrib anti-bios.

I would get to Dr or dentist ASAP, just for peace of mind if nothing else. If bleeding and untreated obviously high risk of infection. Even if bleeding has now stopped, potential source of infection did exist, so I would sugget being cautious.

Try phoning his specialist at the hospital (GP would probably want to do that anyway before prescribing). As Noddy says, not all heart condits need anti-bios before dental work, and each individual is different, with regards type of anti-bios, recommended doseage etc. These type of accidents happen all the time with kids and I'm sure they should give you advice over the phone.

Btw, my dentist is v good and is checking my DS every 2 months at moment since the accident. She said a sign of infection would be obvious distress of child and white spots on gum. HTH & good luck.

fairyfly Thu 04-Aug-05 12:58:59

sorry had to go out, he is four, he is with his father, father wont take him, i don't get him back till monday. could anything serious happen in that amont of time, i.e. to i have to just go and get him

and a huge huge huge moan that his bloody father has him for the first time and knocks his sodding tooth out, incompetent bell end

fairyfly Thu 04-Aug-05 13:00:38

he definetly needs to be prevented, i have a card i carry around, it is just how quickly and infection can take

fairyfly Thu 04-Aug-05 13:28:53

he took him and they want to operate, joy

jampots Thu 04-Aug-05 13:53:56

what? operate on his tooth?

fairyfly Thu 04-Aug-05 13:55:24

remove his tooth, dentist wont do it as it is too high risk, he needs to go back to his childrens hopsital

piffle Thu 04-Aug-05 20:10:35

ff hope he's ok

Joanie Fri 05-Aug-05 16:05:55

Oh dear, sorry to hear all of this. What a difficult situation with his father as well. His father probably feels terrible? I was looking after Ds when it happened to me and I felt terrible, even though it wasn't my fault.

Glad he's being seen quickly. Getting anti-bios in the meantime though before the op? They were going to do the same for my DS at the hosp, but luckily his teeth came back down again (crooked as you like though) so he may have got away with it. Watching brief to see if situation changes.

Don't want to alarm you and EVERY SITUATION IS DIFFERENT but Dentist said it was v difficult to decide whether to take teeth out as this would mean general anastetic and the risk of the op (partic with heart condition) vs the risk of leaving teeth as they were and possible infection. She had to discuss with cardiologist the pros and cons, before deciding what to do.

Good luck. Poor little man.

fqueenzebra Fri 05-Aug-05 18:29:52

FF's ex-dh is such a pillock I'm not sure he'll realise the problem.
How is he (this is your ds2?) today, FF?

fairyfly Mon 08-Aug-05 16:13:44

i get my boy back this afternoon, taking him to my dentist on thursday and going through the procedure in my own way. rang the childrens hospital and they said no antibiotics unless he became in pain, so i feel like it is taking a bit too much of a risk and hope it will be sorted out as soon as possible.
As far as i know, i.e. with second hand info off the McTitwitch he definetly needs theatre and a general

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