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Breasts in Pregnancy

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ChaCha Wed 03-Aug-05 21:33:53

Wasn't sure where to post this..hopefully this is the right place.

Firstly, i think i'm noticing what is known as 'tags'..I could be mistaken on the name on my nipples..pls tell me that this is normal, i find it really, really strange. There are two on my right nipple.

Secondly, i noticed a small brown mark on my aerola and just thought it was a spot, tried to remove it but the skin underneath can i describe when you pick a scab too early (remembering childhood wounds here).
It seems to be a mole of some sort. Normal to have moles suddenly appear like this in pregnancy?

Last but not least, and this is really hard to explain and possibly TMI but as my nipples have gone all 'bitty' or 'bobby' i noticed some dry bits inbetween them..does that make sense? I can't explain it..maybe just like bits of dry skin.

I absolutely hate anything like that but don't feel its a call for concern, would appreciate any replies though just for peace of mind either way.

Sorry for long msg.

ChaCha Wed 03-Aug-05 21:35:30

Em..sorry for typo. Really do not have anyones name on my nipples

ButtonMoon Wed 03-Aug-05 21:44:03

Mine have done the same and my mw says its normal. The tag things like pimples are "mongomery's tubercules" which basically secrete anti bacterial stuff and a little milk during feeding and prevent bacteria build up. They become enlarged during pregnancy as a preparation. I have quite a few but one is really big, about a quarter of the size of one of my nipples!! The bitty stuff on your nipples....can you pick it out? like a creamy colour?? My mw says this is milk being produced and it dries into crusts on your nipples.. I think you sound normal well as normal as me anyway!!!

ChaCha Wed 03-Aug-05 21:57:41

Oh Buttonmoon - Massive cyber hugs to you!!!!

That is exactly what i have!! You worded it so well. Dried crusts - thats exactly it. Was secretly worried you know thought it might be an infection.

Thanks mate xx

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