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Stevens Johnson Syndrome and Pregnancy - anyone have any experience???

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RedOnHerHead Thu 13-May-10 16:08:37

Does anyone on here have any experience of being pregnant with SJS? My sister was diagnosed a few years ago, but hers is not an allergic reaction to medication, its an allergic reaction to herpes simplex (the common coldsore virus). So having the coldsore virus in her body all the time, she gets breakouts of SJS quite often. Since becoming pregnant she has had it (mildly) all the way through, and it's starting to get worse now. She is almost 35weeks pregnant. Now they have told her that there's not much amniotic fluid around the baby. We don't know if this could be a cause of SJS, and the doctors here in the UK are pretty clueless. Has anyone actually has this whilst being pregnant??? And what were your experiences???? Did you need a C-Section or did you give birth vaginally???? Thanks x

Becawraith Sat 21-Jul-12 18:46:02

Hi I'm currently 36 weeks pregnant and have had sjs when I was around 14 weeks and just wondering if it can affect the baby as I'm getting very nervous and scared thank you

Becawraith Sat 29-Sep-12 09:17:28

Hey iv just had my baby 7 weeks ago and sjs didn't affect her at all drs think mine was caused by herpes simplex virus but arnt totally sure

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