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Wisdom Teeth!

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Aimsmum Wed 03-Aug-05 19:13:32

Message withdrawn

Leogaela Wed 03-Aug-05 19:22:22

it could be an infection, definitely see a dentist. you don't always have to have them out, but for me it was such a huge relief when I had mine removed.

tips to ease pain - suck ice cubes.

Aimsmum Wed 03-Aug-05 19:31:26

Message withdrawn

Leogaela Wed 03-Aug-05 20:02:08

hmm, not sure. have they started coming through and then stopped?

Me too, i hate the dentist and hadn't been for years before I had wisdom teeth trouble.

Hattie05 Wed 03-Aug-05 20:04:59

Yes see a dentist, they may decide to pull them out and then you'll be pain free!

I have had 2 out, and i have one that has come through and didn't hurt. So the fact you are in pain probably means there is either an infection, or there isn't any room for them to come through.

The extraction is nothing to worry about.

Aimsmum Wed 03-Aug-05 20:08:59

Message withdrawn

Leogaela Wed 03-Aug-05 20:14:30

I had all 4 taken out at the same time and because I was such a nervous wreck had a general anaesthetic. I didn't go to hospital but went to a dental surgery clinic. didn't have black eyes and you don't notice the stitches. I felt pretty rough for a few days after, but not as bad as i had for the whole year before trying to fight infections.

But don't think the worst, they may come through OK ,best just get them checked and if you aren't happy with what the dentist says go and see another one.

Aimsmum Wed 03-Aug-05 20:18:08

Message withdrawn

Hattie05 Wed 03-Aug-05 20:29:44

I've known people who have all four out go into hospital and come out looking like gerbils.

But i've had mine out seperately one at the dentist ( not all dentists do it though) and one in hospital - can't remember why!!

No black eyes, no swelling, no stitches, just numb and can't eat for the rest of the day.

For you they'd probably take the two out on the same side, and then do the other one at a later date so you can still eat.

Aimsmum Thu 04-Aug-05 12:10:50

Message withdrawn

northerner Thu 04-Aug-05 12:14:49

Bloody hell this is making me nervous.

I'm having 4 wisdom teeth removed in September under GA. Consultant as said I'm a tricky case as 1 is growing sideways

Aimsmum Thu 04-Aug-05 12:17:51

Message withdrawn

Cam Thu 04-Aug-05 12:18:01

How nice of your consultant to be so reassuring [sarcastic emoticon]

I'm being referred to have one out as it is impacted - apparently should have had it out when it came through 20 years ago.

robinia Thu 04-Aug-05 12:23:32

I've got three wisdom teeth "partially erupted". One is sideways. Every now and then they hurt a bit although not massively - very occasionally I'll take a painkiller for them. Every dentist I've had up until the current one has said "we'll have to take them out" and I've replied "but they're not bothering me" and politely refused. Current dentist said "are they bothering you" to which my answer was no. So dentist says to leave them unless they show signs of being infected when they will start to bother me. Apparently it is likely they will get infected at some stage so perhaps I should think about scheduling a good time to have them done before this happens (ie when I'm still on my post maternity freebie ) but somehow I think I'll just put it off .... like Aimsmum - not that I'm particularly scared of the dentist - I just remember seeing my sister after she had hers out and would rather avoid it if I can.

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