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Lump on Neck

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fickle Wed 03-Aug-05 07:24:03


I have found a small lump on my neck on the right side an inch under ear level but not in line with ear, more on the side of my neck.

It dosn't feel round though, more kind of like a squashed oval shape.

Does anyone know what this could be apart from the unthinkable (google searching it wasn't a good idea) Has anyone else had one??

It dosn't hurt, but if I bend my neck over I can feel something..............

BareFootAngel Wed 03-Aug-05 07:41:02

do you have any other symptms sore thoat etc?

fickle Wed 03-Aug-05 07:43:44

No, no other symptoms. Thats whats worrying me......

fickle Wed 03-Aug-05 07:45:04

However a couple of weeks ago I felt really ill - just sicky feeling and extremely tired....

BareFootAngel Wed 03-Aug-05 07:46:09

as it msy be your glands they often come up when your body is fighting something,and mine are normaly tender if i move my neck in a certain way when they are up

popsycal Wed 03-Aug-05 07:55:42

sounds like a lymph node....tends to happen when you are fighting an infection or something

kid Wed 03-Aug-05 08:48:19

I agree that it sounds like glands. You could be just a tiny bit under the weather and they will come up to fight the infection.

I had one ages ago and went to the Dr and they reassured me.

If it is really worrying you, let your Dr have a look.

fickle Thu 04-Aug-05 12:50:50

Booked into see doc tomorrow, sensation in neck is getting worse.

Am crapping myself to be honest - can't explain it but have a bad feeling.

SoupDragon Thu 04-Aug-05 12:56:14

I had a lump on my neck right at the point of my jaw. Turned out to be a benign tumour on.near the parotid (?) gland. Absolutely fine although of course I was sh*tting myself at the time. Just wanted to reassure you that not everything is baaaaaad.

popsycal Thu 04-Aug-05 20:05:41

soupy - can i ask about that....DH has a lump which moves about round his jaw line - he has had it for years and wont go to the doctors....

LilacLotus Thu 04-Aug-05 20:12:15

my DP had a lump on his neck similar to what you described. he had it removed under general anaesthetic and after tests it was confirmed it was a benign cyst. when we looked back at photos of him we noticed he'd had this lump grow over a period of 6 months without us noticing. we found googling is the worst thing with something like this. go to your GP and get it checked!

fickle Fri 05-Aug-05 10:48:48

Went to Gp and she couldn't feel the lump I was talking about but says swollen sensation and feeling tired could indicate a thyroid problem. So I have to go for blood tests today.

Really pi**ed off as I am off on our holiday next Saturday and I don't feel up to it really.

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