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ugggh - constipation - help needed

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summermum Tue 02-Aug-05 15:45:53

I am 18 weeks preg and severly constipated, not been for 10 days. Iknow this is gross but I am in such agony i am considering going to docs for suppositories, i am so desperate. My whole middle area of my body is in pain and I barely slept last night due to the discomfort. I havenot eaten today as i now feel very sick. It is just like that advert where the lady is carrying all the weight in her bag, i can fell it all bunged up pushing to come out but no matter how mush i strain i cant move it. I am sure i pushed harder this morning than i did whilst giving birth. I know it is a gross subject but can anyone recommend anything that will work v quick, apperently dulcolax has to be avoided in pregnancy, senna does not work (tried before) and i have also downed 1/2 a bottle of califig at teatime last night (normal dose 3 teaspoons) to no effect. Any suggestions considered no matter how odd. Currently on 45 ml of lactulose a day from doctor as had this prob before, allthough not this bad, and lactulose appears to have stopped doing any good.

Help before I turn into a lump of bi poo.


NotQuiteCockney Tue 02-Aug-05 15:47:20

I had bad constipation with my last pregnancy, I certainly know where you're coming from.

What helped me, was eating lots of fruit (cherries, grapes, blueberries are all great). And also walking, or even jogging. Both of these will help sort you out. Oh, and lots of water.

WigWamBam Tue 02-Aug-05 15:47:36

You can buy glycerine suppositories over the counter for about 80p a pack. They work within a few minutes, and I find them very effective; they're the only things that help me when I'm suffering.

Hope you get it sorted soon.

summermum Tue 02-Aug-05 15:57:21

thanks wigwambam, think i may head to local chemist, i generally eat plenty fruit and i drink warm water & lemon most of the day. I also walk for 30 - 45 mins a day so exercise and fluid is sorted. looks like suppositries then.

sweetmonkey Tue 02-Aug-05 15:57:48

take WWB advice as i did!!!

helped me like you wouldnt believe!!!

thanks WWB

WigWamBam Tue 02-Aug-05 16:05:32

Nice to know that sometimes my advice works ... even if it is only the advice about poo

mumfor1sttime Tue 02-Aug-05 16:22:46

I tried drinking prune juice, just hold your nose and drink through a straw!!

sweetmonkey Tue 02-Aug-05 16:24:32

WWB trust me you were a lifesaver!!!!!!

Tabs Tue 02-Aug-05 16:24:33

WWB - wished I'd asked you on Friday. I was in agony (13 weeks pg) and could have done with an instant remedy then.

Summermum you have my sympathies! Lactulose seems to be working for me at the moment, together with porridge and high bran crispbread and prunes for breakfast!!

Will def bear in mind the suppositories if it gets really horrid again.

matnanplus Tue 02-Aug-05 16:40:57

Yummy chilled prune juice with double cream, instant smoothy, add some puree peach for a boost.

louli Tue 02-Aug-05 17:17:46

You can get homeopathic things to help which you can take through pregnancy. Can't remember which remedies off hand have a look at this website ainsworths

summermum Tue 02-Aug-05 17:35:52

leave for a short period and come back to loads of replies, i am amazed at the number of people who have replied, thanks everyone. Looks like we all suffer in pregnancy, i have called my DH at work to go to the health food shop in city centre for prune juice and dried figs (think they help) Also been to see docs - very sympathetic as she has only recently returned from maternity leave so probably has recent expereince. She was extremely helpful and even rang the consultant gynaecologist at our maternity hosptital for a second opinion. Have been given a prescription for 3 different things in strong form to havea short sharp blast to hopefully clear the system and then keep up the lactulose but in a double dose so as to try and keep regular and not get this bunged up again. The consultant said if the prescription does nothing in 3 - 4 days go back to cdocs and they will refer me straight to him at the hospital - god service for a change from the good old NHS. I was aven looking at articles on acupuncture as i was considering paying for that. I will have alook at the site that Louli mentioned as i have used a homeopathic remedy for morningg sickness which was great, also used arnica after birth of last child and in less than one week all was well down there. Huge thanks everyone, so far . Hopefully tonight will bring some pleasant relief - break out the air fresheneer i think though as 9 day old poo is gonna stink - poor everyone else int he house

jamboure Tue 02-Aug-05 19:07:31

very minging but prune juice does work[yuk]

I had the same when pg and had to use it very very often, it cost £2 for a big bottle which i got in asda

think its called sunsweet

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