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toddler diahorrea

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bossyboots1 Mon 01-Aug-05 22:32:11

My 16 month old has had v. loose stools for the last 4 months. The health visitor says its just "toddler diahorrea" & said that he will grow out of it eventually. He is fine in himself - it gets me down more than him but I worry that he does not get enough nutrients from his food as it goes straight through him & the content of his nappy has a fair amount of undigested food.I have tried stewed apple & banana's. also tried to reduce fruit & veg & giving cheese white bread (recommended by Health visitor). Help

stacijc Mon 01-Aug-05 22:33:07

give more fibre for a while that should help

nannyjo Mon 01-Aug-05 22:33:48

i have heard of this before where their bidoy just naturally produces that kind of stools.

Make sure he drinks lots of fluids ( i'm sure your doing that)

bossyboots1 Mon 01-Aug-05 22:44:30

Thanks. I thought about trying to get him to eat more fibre but the info from HV suggested less fibre - I will go with my instinct. The HV info even said watch water intake!!

knickerbockerglory Fri 30-Sep-05 20:26:21

my baby boy has VERY loose stools - and has never done a solid poo in all 22 months of his life! This is not accompanied by illness, however, and he is a strapping lad. We have ruled out gluten and dairy sensitivity. My doctor has suggested that it is connected with his teeth, which seem to slowly appear one at a time and give him lots of problems. Does your child have any of the following? - red ears, rash around mouth, excessive dribbling, bottom rash? Even at 2 years, they don't always have back molars.... don't know if this is helpful - or at least reassuring?

SenoraPostrophe Fri 30-Sep-05 20:31:46

yes - "toddler diahorrea" is a definite thing. Both my brothers had it, and ds has it.

there is usually a 4-8 hour time lag between when ds eats and when he poos and I figure this is enough time to digest many (though obviously not all) nutrients - he's healthy anyway.

Pomi Mon 03-Oct-05 15:02:14

ds does 2 to three times a day. Specially if he drinks milk soon after a meal...

ShaneD Thu 13-Sep-07 20:40:37

I am having a very similar problem. My 18 month little girl has always done very wet pastey poo's sometimes diahorrea like. She is a very happy healthy child and doesn't seem unwell with it though. Recently when we went to France she did her first solid stool. I started to think that it might be the change in milk? So since being back home I have tried various different milk's, Soya, Sterilised etc. The sterilised seemed to work for one day but now she is back to very wet and pastey. Being my third child I couldn't quiet remember when the stools changed from mush to more solid. I am going to take her to the HV tomorrow to see what's likely. Good to know though that she not the only one and maybe it is this "toddler diahorrea". Will post my findings:-)

Meux Thu 07-Feb-08 10:15:29

My son is nearly 3 and has had toddler diahorrea since he was about 12 months. He is fully teethed and has a well balanced diet with not too much fibre. We sent a stool sample off to be analysed just in case there was something wrong but that came back normal. The problem I am having now is I am potty training him and whereas he can wee with no problems he seems to have no control over his bough movements. He keeps having accidents which are extremely messy due to the consistency of the stool. There seems to be no routine so I never no when he is going to pass a stool, and it seems to take minimum effort on his behalf so I have never been able to catch him in the process and quickly take him to the potty. The HV keeps telling me he will grow out of it but I'm not so sure now seeing as he is nearly 3. Any ideas?

loler Thu 07-Feb-08 10:33:44

My ds is 3 in April. I've recently taken him to the GP as wanted to start potty training but can't face the messy poo situation! Had mentioned it to the GP when he was about 18mnths and was told it was toddler diahorrea and bring him back if he didn't grow out of it.

Have now been referred to the hospital as GP said it was pointless for him to do tests as they would just repeat them. He said it wasn't likely to be anything to worry about but as he never did solid poos and he was nearly 3, it was worth getting it checked out.

The appointment came through the other day and guess what.....his poos are now getting firmer!

bluelys Thu 24-Jul-08 21:27:38

My son is 2 1/2 years old, I got our doctor to refer him to the hospital last year as I was extremely worried with the continual loose stools. Saw the consultant last August who confirmed it was toddler diahorrea. Was not given any dietry advise, just that he should grow out of it by the time he is 6 yrs old!! In January this year his stools began to get firmer but for the last couple of weeks the toddler diahorrea has been back with avengance. I'm now wanting to begin potty training but don't know where to start

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