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Hormones or real emotions: I can't tell the difference!!

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Lizita Mon 01-Aug-05 19:45:58

Hi. I'm on the Pill but I THINK i've decided that I still get PMT but it says in the small print it usually cuts it out. I'm SICK TO DEATH of hormones, I was on the mini-pill for a while, while I was breastfeeding but came off them, then had a few months' break when I weaned dd at 14 months, then went on the combined Pill. I don't know any more what my real emotions are and what are hormone-fuelled emotions. Sometimes my mind goes off on one worrying about stuff (usually to do with my relationship) and I'll feel teary and feel like I need to even end my relationship, etc, but then I'll be back on track again and feeling happy and wondering why the hell I was worrying before. It's doing my head in, and unfortunately even my boyf notices when I'm not on top form and sometimes a conversation can get out of hand with us and a small issue turns into a big one. Afterwards I think, was that just my hormones but he's not very sympathetic about hormones (doesn't believe in 'em! ) so i'd feel an idiot trying to explain that to him.

Sorry I'm ranting & not making much sense. Is anyone else on the combined Pill and experiencing something similar? I think it's around pre-menstrual/menstrual time that I feel extra tired & unmotivated too. I remember feeling like that (feels so long ago now!) pre-pregnancy when I wasn't on the Pill, but just wondering...... And now I come to think of it, i think the first few months of being on the Pill was worse, I think I was depressed & tired a lot of the time...but that could've been circumstances...
one good thing... no more period pains
Sorry for the rant...

Lizita Mon 01-Aug-05 19:47:26

Just thought I should clarify, wondering if anyone can help me tell the difference between real emotions & problems & hormonal ones?? If I'm reacting to something in a hormonal way I'd rather not "do" something about it iykwim i.e. talk to someone about the problem or confront boyf or whatever... hope that makes better sense... perhaps i just need to think rationally?

BadgerBadger Mon 01-Aug-05 22:43:20

One effective way of coping with this is to list the dates of your periods, put aside a calender specifically for it. Jot down the times throughout your cycle when you are feeling most emotional, most introverted, most energetic, least energetic, etc.

You will soon see that a pattern forms throughout your cycle (and moon cycles are also worth considering too).

You might find that the 'energetic' time of your cycle is the better part to deal with emotional issues without becoming drained and tetchy, it can also be a good time to get physical stuff done, decorating for eg.

The introspective time (often the latter part of the cycle) can be depressive, but is usually more so if you don't allow yourself to use this as a time for contemplation. Allow yourself time and space to think through things that are on your mind as this can actually be quite an insightful time.
Demand 'me' time at this stage, wherever possible .

To be described as 'hormonal' is sad in my mind bacause although hormones may trigger these phases, it doesn't mean they aren't useful or valid or that they don't trigger valid feelings, DYSWIM?

Lizita Tue 02-Aug-05 08:52:35

Wow that sounds like something i could really get to grips with! i'm the sort that loves my meal planners/shopping list etc etc so if I could find a pattern to all this and a way to manage it, it would be cool!

The introspective time you talk about is when I wish I could turn OFF my mind though, (going through it this week) eg at this moment in time i feel like there is tons of stuff i need to talk through with my boyf but there's just too much and it all runs through my mind & then i know that by the time i see him again it'll have all disappeared out of my head. Writing it down doesn't help (I write a diary) cos when it comes to talking it out I still forget it all or it suddenly doesn't seem important any more.

But, anyway, will def create a calender... thanks

Lizita Tue 02-Aug-05 08:55:04

PS I agree about the "hormonal" thing. I can giggle as much as the next person about a joke about "it's the time of the month" - i think i've even made the joke myself, about myself that is, but it is totally valid that hormones affect us and yes you're right, valid issues do come up. A bit like getting drunk... people can't just say "I was drunk" and use it as an excuse for behaviour/something they said, ime getting drunk just intensifies issues that are already there. Similar with hormones i think. though I do think things can get put out of perspective...

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