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Can anyone recommend an insect repellant for eczma sufferers

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dizzydo Mon 01-Aug-05 12:10:00

We are going to Turkey next week and as we are by the river there will be loads of mozzies. Last time my DD (aged 8) got really badly bitten because due to her eczma she could not bear the repellent spray on her skin. She just used to scream because it stung so badly. I really dont want to go through that again.

Can anyone recommend an effective repellant suitable for eczma sufferers please?

albert Mon 01-Aug-05 12:21:27

Apparently if you take a high dose of Vitamin B it will repel insects, and also eat garlic. When you sweat the odors of these things come out and keep away the mozzies ... so I've heard, not tried it myself!

Furball Mon 01-Aug-05 12:42:51

Agree about eating garlic.

What about a citronella type product on her clothes or hat and maybe a nightlight type citronella candle you could light in the evening when eating etc.

dinosaur Mon 01-Aug-05 12:47:54

Long sleeves and long trousers in the evenings are good too. And a mosquito net for night-time.

Furball Mon 01-Aug-05 12:54:12

This was mentioned by Soupdragon a few months ago and is supposed to be natural.

Furball Mon 01-Aug-05 13:05:42

Or something like This that you could clip nearby

dizzydo Tue 02-Aug-05 11:08:46

Thanks albert and furball.

Am desperate to try anything. Have ordered the ladybug, don't know how loud it will be - probably next prob will be she cant sleep

dizzydo Tue 02-Aug-05 11:10:31

oh and Dinosaur - mosquito net is a good idea will look on the web Not sure how you fix them to the bed tho

dizzydo Tue 02-Aug-05 11:10:54

Oh and Dinosaur. Thank you.

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