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This doesn't look terribly good, does it?

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Rindercella Mon 03-May-10 14:20:06

DH took himself to A&E this morning as he is in such pain and although he had a hospital appointment for a scan on Wednesday, he could not bear the pain and discomfort he is in any longer.

For the past 6 weeks he has been suffering from lower back pain which has become increasingly worse and for the last week or so has included pins & needles/jelly like sensation in his legs. Initially the GP said it was a kidney infection and gave him some ABs (the first he has ever taken, at 51 years old!). These had no effect whatsoever, so DH went back to the GP who then diagnosed possible kidney stones and got him booked in for a scan & ultrasound treatment. The GP said that the swelling in the groin area DH had was unrelated and probably just a strain (it didn't hurt DH so he was unconcerned).

The hospital have now admitted DH and have said that it absolutely has nothing to do with his kidneys, but they are concerned by a swelling in his neck and also the swelling in his groin and think it could be a problem with his lymph glands. They are hoping to do an MRI scan in the next few hours, but obviously being a bank holiday this might not happen until tomorrow.

Bloody Google - of course now I am imagining the worst and am worried sick. I guess there's nothing anyone can do or say to reassure me at the moment, but does anyone have any clue what this could be?? I feel so helpless - stuck at home with our two little girls, the youngest of whom has just turned 5 weeks old.


Katisha Mon 03-May-10 14:24:38

I have no knowledge of any of this but am thinking of you.
Don't google any more. Just tell yourself that DH is now in the best place, which of course he is.
I hope you get reassuring news soon.

bronze Mon 03-May-10 14:26:22

Stop googling.I have no idea but you won't find out by googling
try and find somethign to do to keep you occupied while they find out

BelleDeChocolateFluffyBunny Mon 03-May-10 14:27:07

Don't google, it gives you a million and one different things, all as scary as the last. They will still have staff operating the scanner today so he should get a scan. It could be a number of things, a slipped disc for example. I know it's going to be really hard but try not to panic, even if they do find anything they can sort it out. Know what you are both facing first, then you can deal with it.

Sending you a huge hug, it sounds like you need one. Do you have someone who can come and support you?

notnowbernard Mon 03-May-10 14:28:19

Rindercella, don't Google. Please! It will just make you paranoid

He IS in the best place, that he's now an in-pt wil make him priority for the MRI so that should happen pretty sharpish

Thinking of you

Rindercella Mon 03-May-10 14:57:38

Thanks everyone. I know, I will not Google any longer...I also know he is in the best possible place and am so pleased he took himself to A&E this morning.

He's bloody wonderful - yesterday was my 40th b'day and despite the obvious pain he was in he still managed to make it a wonderful day for me, full of lovely surprises.

He is usually one of the fittest people I know, so it is quite shocking to see him so poorly. I will be able to visit him a little later on which will be good. No family near by, so difficult getting anyone over to help. DD2 is exclusively b/f, so also difficult to leave her with anyone (although I am just starting to express, to try and get her used to taking a bottle).

BelleDeChocolateFluffyBunny Mon 03-May-10 15:03:14

smile Keep us posted on how he's doing. They will have done some blood tests and he'll be waiting for a MRI, these normally take about half an hour to do so they are alot slower then a CT.

TheJollyPirate Mon 03-May-10 15:08:44

Infection can cause the lymph nodes to swell Rindercella. So it could be as something as simple as an infection somewhere. The MRI scan is ideal for sorting out where problems lie when nobody is sure. They can then get on and treat whatever it is.

Echo everyone else here - stop googling because you will read all sorts of hideous stuff which probably does not apply to your DH.

FabIsGoingToGetFit Mon 03-May-10 15:12:49

Thinking of you.

Try not to worry.

Congratulations on your new baby .

Rindercella Mon 03-May-10 19:13:37

Thanks everyone, and thanks for the congrats on DD2 smile

I went to see him and he's actually looking quite well! Probably down to good drugs and proper rest tbh smile He needs to be transferred to another hospital for the MRI which will either be tonight or tomorrow. I guess once that's done they'll have a clearer picture on what the problem is.

He says they have been absolutely fantastic and he is seriously impressed by the treatment he has had so far. I know he is in the best place and I will not be googling a thing tonight, I promise!

BelleDeChocolateFluffyBunny Mon 03-May-10 19:16:20

That's good, he sounds like he's in really safe hands.

loopylou6 Mon 03-May-10 19:53:51

Deffo stay away from google, you could google 'nose bleed' and come up with some horrendous desease.

Have they done blood tests yet?

Like someone said, Lymph nodes swell whilst fighting an infection, even inflammanation.

Try and stay positive, thats the best you can do for yourself and for your babies.

Take comfort tho, if there had of been anything serious, they would of picked it up in his bloods.

angel886 Mon 03-May-10 21:37:36

Thinking of you and your DH

PacificDogwood Mon 03-May-10 21:43:32

Hi, Rindercella, I've just come across this. So sorry your DH has not been well.
I hope he gets his scan asap and you will get an answer why he has been in pain. You must be so worried sad. Look after yourself and your LOs.
Very best wishes being sent your and your DH's way.

PixieOnaLeaf Mon 03-May-10 23:32:48

Message withdrawn

Rindercella Tue 04-May-10 12:18:38

Pacific, Pixie, thanks both smile I hope your new babies are all well.

DH is still at the John Radcliff waiting for a scan. He's much more comfortable than he has been for days. I have my MIL on standby to come and stay if DH needs to be in for more than a couple of days. I also have some lovely friends locally who will help out with DD1 for a couple of hours if need be.

I am very worried about DH - he really is normally super fit, and over the last few months he has been getting more and more niggles and complaints which I guess have now manifested into his current condition. I just hope they can get to the bottom of what's wrong and that it can be easily treated.

Thanks to everyone for your concern, and for your <hugs> I know they're very unMN-like, but believe me, they are very much appreciated smile

SamanthaFox Tue 04-May-10 12:27:46

Rinders I am very sorry to hear this. It must be very frightening for you.
I hope that you have some answers soon, and that they are good ones.

take care.

Rindercella Tue 04-May-10 21:21:19

Thanks Sam - keep seeing you posting on other threads (old poster, new name??), you seem lovely smile

Quick update, have just heard from DH. He has had the MRI scan and they think there's something on his spine - nothing conculsive though and they're transferring him to the Churchill hospital in Oxford tonight for further tests.

Tbh, I am worried sick and have one word in my head. Just can't think about it too deeply though, and I guess there's not much point until we know. Have to keep positive, especially for our lovely girls.

cyteen Tue 04-May-10 21:28:12

Rindercella, I know you will be petrified right now. So I wanted to say that I will be keeping everything firmly crossed that your DH gets a speedy diagnosis and even speedier return to full health.

Am in the unhappy position of wanting to say more, but not wanting to because I'm not sure it would be very helpful right now. Just know that I am glad he has received prompt scanning and testing and I really do hope all your worries come to naught.

Congrats on your new little girl btw

cyteen Tue 04-May-10 21:29:27

Sorry, that looks so rubbish blush I'm not trying to be deliberately mysterious or anything. Your post just struck a chord with me and I felt compelled to send you my good wishes.

jpg Tue 04-May-10 21:32:24

Thinking of you rindercella, it must be tough for you sad

copycat Tue 04-May-10 22:09:58

Rindercella just want to echo what everyone else is saying and send you and your DH lots of love and strength. So glad that he is receiving good care in hospital; I hope the diagnosis is better than you fear and that he feels much better soon.

bumpybecky Tue 04-May-10 22:21:07

Rindercella, I hope you get some conclusive answers soon and that your DH is feeling better. The waiting must be horrible will be thinking of you

Rindercella Tue 04-May-10 23:24:07

Bollocks, bollocks, bollocks. He has just been moved to the oncology ward.

Had a really good chat with him a little while ago. He is such a positive person (and an expert at keeping me calm). He said there is no point in worrying until we know what it is, and of course he is right (as you have all said). They can see there is something on his spine, but can't tell what it is yet - he is taking steriods to try & reduce the swelling in that area, which is what's preventing them from seeing what it is.

The daft idiot said he had to get to my birthday and make sure I had a lovely time before he got himself seen too.

SIL is bringing my MIL to stay on Thursday and I have a friend coming round tomorrow. Just want to burst into tears though. I love him so damn much and just want him to be well again. sad

cyteen Tue 04-May-10 23:27:00

Oh fucking hell Cry if you need to mate, no shame in that - you've had a horrible shock, although remember that you don't know the details of anything yet, nothing is confirmed. Hope is very important right now

Will you be able/are you hoping to get in and see him tomorrow at all?

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